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Online File Sharing for Sales Organizations

Egnyte HybridCloud enables sales organizations to efficiently access documents and share with prospects, customers and team members. Whether in the office or on the road, Egnyte's cloud file server provides easy access to files from anywhere, with any computer or mobile device. Egnyte integrates with existing workflows, providing access to files within Windows Explorer and Mac Finder.

Egnyte HybridCloud is also completely integrated with, providing users efficient online file sharing, access and storage directly within the Salesforce application. Users can upload and download files directly to Salesforce objects from any web browser. Non-Salesforce users can collaborate with the sales organization at a fraction of the cost of purchasing Salesforce licenses. Administrators can be assured that Salesforce access rules/permissions are enforced consistently across all users, whether accessing files through Egnyte or

Business Benefits

  • Zero learning curve for your sales team and their clients
  • Facilitates salesperson and customer file sharing
  • Complete integration
    • Access, share, and store files directly within
  • Simple file sharing with customers and prospects by creating shared folders or sending links to files
  • Robust security ensures users only see files and folders intended for them
  • Automatic file versioning and synchronization
    • Sales people will always have access to the latest and greatest files
    • Eliminate reliance on e-mail as a file repository

Instantaneous Access to Information

Having the right information at the right moment is crucial to the sales process. Egnyte provides instantaneous file access so that prospective customers can get quick answers to questions. Egnyte HybridCloud acts as a central knowledge base for proposals, contracts and other sales documents, while providing the sales organizations with the ability to instantly share those files with colleagues, business partners and clients through secure file links.

The Latest File Versions

Egnyte eliminates the problem of sales organizations not having the latest versions of files. Traditional methods of storing, retrieving and forwarding files using email can be cumbersome; files can easily get lost, outdated or deleted. Egnyte's powerful file versioning and synchronization capabilities provide sales teams with a real-time file repository. The latest versions of files can be accessed, stored and shared from any device.

Convenient File Access in the Office and on the Road

There are many options for team members to access their files. Personal Local Cloud automatically syncs PCs and Macs with the online file server. Users can also map Egnyte as a drive on their PC or Mac. Users can also access files through a web browser, either from Egnyte or In addition, Egnyte is available on any mobile device, including iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Integration with

Salesforce Integration

Egnyte HybridCloud is fully integrated with to provide sales organizations with additional file management functionality directly within Salesforce. Egnyte for Salesforce enables online file sharing, access, and storage through the Salesforce or Egnyte interface. Upload and download files directly to Salesforce objects (leads, accounts, opportunities, contacts) with no storage capacity or file size limitations. Easily share files with team members, prospects and clients using file links or email attachments. Any files stored within Salesforce are instantly accessible from anywhere using any device (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.).

  • Expand storage capacity at an affordable price
  • Easily share files with team members, even if they are not Salesforce users
  • Access files not only online, but offline as well
  • Organize files using folders and subfolders within the Salesforce hierarchy
  • Have visibility to file access and sharing history with an audit trail

Tight integration ensures security and conformance to Salesforce accounts hierarchy:

  • Object-level integration retains continuity through the sales pipeline
  • Salesforce access rules are applied to files when accessed directly in Egnyte
  • Contracts, proposals and presentations stay linked to leads, opportunities and prospects through the sales pipeline