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Secure file sharing that won’t slow things down

Media and advertising are driven by collaboration and most of the time, there’s no time to waste. Egnyte allows teams to work in real-time with clients, colleagues and vendors — no matter where they’re located. React quickly, share confidently, and focus on delivering the best work possible.

Share large files

Share large files, fast

Speed is critical when sharing images, videos or designs with clients. Egnyte makes multimedia files available from any browser or mobile device, instantly. Simply drag and drop projects of any size with ease.

When GIANT Creative’s design team struggled to collaborate on large design files, they turned to Egnyte.

Collaborate seamlessly

Connect creative minds from around the world, as if they’re all in one place. Egnyte delivers lightening-fast access to files from one central point and integrates with popular creative applications for a seamless, collaborative workflow.

M&C Saatchi uses Egnyte to simplify storing, editing and sharing files across 20 global offices, without running into bandwidth, file versioning or access issues.

Collaborate seamlessly
Keep client files safe

Keep client files safe

With millions of marketing dollars on the line, keeping client projects secure is essential at all times. Egnyte provides enterprise-grade control, visibility and peace of mind with end-to-end security for every file.

Marketing teams like the one at A.S. Roma rely on Egnyte to keep IT in control while they share multimedia files securely.

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“Collaboration can become complex and disorganized if you let it, but with Egnyte we have simplified the process.”

Alistair Roberts | Director of IT, M&C Saatchi

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