HIPAA and FDA compliance in a click

Make care more collaborative

Egnyte enables healthcare organizations to collaborate effortlessly from a single, secure digital space. Teams get access to lab results, scans, patient data, etc. using the apps they choose — all while maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

Connect teams

We bring multiple offices and healthcare providers together seamlessly, ensuring that any file changes are instantly accessible to all other stakeholders. Keep patient records up to date and synced among clinics, laboratories, and medical teams.

Secure patient data

To ensure data is always secure, Egnyte provides complete access control and real-time visibility into all user activity. Administrators can remove inactive accounts and monitor files on a granular level. They’ll also be alerted to any unusual user behavior.

Comply painlessly

Compliance with HIPAA and other industry data regulations, such as DPA, GDPR, APA, and NZPA is automatic with Egnyte. We provide a better way to manage, share, and collaborate on files of any size and ensure confidential data, like protected health information (PHI), stays secure.

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