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Boost content collaboration and data security, reduce the overhead costs and deliver real-time access to drawings, schematics and designs for every construction project.

Securely and Efficiently

Are you securely and efficiently managing bid requests?

It’s easy to lose track of bids when waiting on specialty contractors - especially when they are delivered by way of email attachments. Using upload links instead can keep those bids securely organized within your Egnyte project folder, helping you to quickly find the best subcontractor for the job.

Are you having trouble managing changes from multiple projects?

Legacy technology makes it difficult to address changes to drawings, specs, change orders, etc from various locations. It gets worse when that same technology can’t reliably sync the latest file versions between locations, potentially causing costly rework.

You can solve this by deploying a single virtual repository that provides secure VPN-less access from anywhere while delivering real-time updates to files for any project from any location, keeping everyone on the same page.

Managing Changes From Multiple Projects
Eliminate limited wifi

Does limited wifi impact your jobsite productivity?

Almost every jobsite has to deal with some large areas, metal buildings, or basements, which can wreak havoc on wifi connectivity. This in turn prevents access to critical files.

Eliminate this problem by syncing files to laptops or mobile devices for offline access. Changes to files are automatically synced back to the Egnyte cloud when in wifi or cellular range.

How much time are your people wasting waiting for files to sync to the cloud?

Slow internet speeds at the jobsite are often the norm and can lead to lost productivity waiting on data to sync to a cloud-only provider when working with large files onsite.

Instead, cache project files at the jobsite, get super fast LAN speed performance and only sync the changed parts of files back to the cloud - both in the trailer and on mobile devices. Less time, less bandwidth, and better productivity.

Files to Sync to the Cloud
Ensure a Specialty Contractor

How do you ensure a specialty contractor can only access the right content?

Relying on email, FTP and other third party data silos creates inefficiencies and chaos and can lead to sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Instead, manage internal users and specialty contractors centrally to provide easy and secure access while maintaining complete visibility and ownership over all data for effective construction collaboration.

How quickly, securely and efficiently are you closing out jobs?

The job itself might be done, but there are still a few hurdles to jump, not the least of which collecting closing documents from subcontractors and then archiving all of the project data. Rather than dig through a mountain of email attachments, take advantage of effective construction document management. Have subcontractors send you their docs using upload links so that they are all organized in a single repository, making it faster and easier to find, close out, and archive.

Closing Out Jobs
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