File Sharing

File Sharing and Collaboration with Anyone from Any Location

File Sharing

Businesses need a seamless process and system in place to share files and folders across multiple teams and with external collaborators, including clients and partners. Sending email attachments works for sending a few small files, but what happens when you need to send and collaborate on large files and folders that max out limits for attachments?

Egnyte provides you with a secure solution for all your file-sharing requirements. Create shared folders to enable teams to easily work on the latest version and even past versions of files. Or, send links that allow recipients to instantly download files from any device.

Partners and Employees

Collaborate with Employees and Partners

Egnyte lets users create shared folders that serve as hubs for project collaboration. Folders can correspond to a project, department or client, enabling employees, business partners and customers to securely access folders from anywhere. Egnyte offers additional file-sharing capabilities including file versioning, locking, annotations and notifications to enhance collaboration between users.

File and Folder transfer

Send Files and Folders Instantly

Do you need to share files on an ad-hoc basis or to a large audience? With Egnyte, you can easily create file links for individual files or entire folders. These links can be easily placed in emails, documents or web pages, allowing recipients to download and access files from anywhere and on any device.

Team Collaboration

Remote Collaboration

For remote teams that need to collaborate on files, Egnyte enables them to work together as if they are in the same room, even with limited bandwidth. Egnyte Storage Sync quickly and efficiently synchronizes files between two or more on-premises storage devices so that distributed teams can access the same set of files over fast local area networks.