Cloud flexibility with on-premises performance

Local Access to Large Files Cloud flexibility with on-premises performance

All of the gain, none of the pain

Overcome the obstacles of decreased productivity when working with large files or at sites with inconsistent internet connectivity. Reduce administrative effort and ensure your users are always working on the latest file version no matter where they are — it’s a win-win situation.

Give your users the fastest access to their content

Give your users the fastest access to their content

Accessing large files in the cloud can lead to long wait times for users — even at locations with fast internet connections.

Egnyte’s Hybrid deployment with selective caching provides the most optimal way for your users to access and collaborate on their files. It does this by caching files to on-premises storage and then automatically syncing them with the cloud so your users can always access the latest version of their files at LAN speeds instead of via the cloud only.

Optimize your network performance

Heavy network traffic to a cloud repository can lead to unintended performance consequences for the entire location.

Eliminate this problem by caching frequently accessed or large files to on-premises storage and thereby freeing bandwidth for other purposes. For example, several users at remote location want to access the same large video, and instead of each of them downloading the file from the cloud and clogging up bandwidth, the file is downloaded to the on-premises cache from the cloud, and doesn’t consume any WAN bandwidth.

Optimize your network performance

Egnyte transformed how we sync multiple offices, share files, and collaborate with documents.

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Give your users the fastest access to their content

Conquer unstable internet connectivity

Relying on a cloud-only deployment can lead to situations where files are not accessible because of internet slowdowns or outages. This is particularly true at construction jobsites and small remote offices.

With Egnyte, the primary point of access at remote locations is via the on-premises cache (if you choose to have one) so your users won’t be affected by an internet outage. Users can just use Windows Explorer or Mac Finder and work on their files the same as always. Even login credentials and access permissions are maintained when experiencing bandwidth issues so you can provide a secure and consistent experience at all times. Once the connection is restored all the changes are synced back to the cloud for other users.

The only collaboration platform available that can truly support a hybrid implementation.


Minimize administrative overhead

Deploying multiple file systems across locations creates data silos. Each additional file system equals more time and effort to maintain them and to ensure optimal functionality.

Egnyte includes a single unified admin console so you get fast and easy administration of all your content, regardless of how many locations have cached content.

With just a few clicks, you can perform system-wide administrative tasks including adding users, changing access permissions, and setting security policies drastically reducing change management. Not to mention running detailed audit reports to ensure compliance. Plus, software upgrades can be centrally applied in real-time without blocking your users access to their content.

Optimize your network performance
Give your users the fastest access to their content

Create a global namespace

When your users have to use different access methods or interfaces based on the location of the server or their own location, it creates dissatisfaction and can push them to find their own consumer file sharing solution.

With Egnyte, the cloud repository as well as all locations with content repositories are part of a global namespace that actually works. It doesn’t matter if your users are in the office, working from home, at a customer location, or anywhere else.

Whether a user is at a location that caches files or one that relies on the cloud, users always access their files via the same path, with the same login and password. End users maintain the same drive-letter desktop experience regardless of location.

The hybrid cloud storage has changed the way we share data.

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Eliminate file version conflicts

If you use multiple file servers or consumer-grade file sharing solutions, then your users have dealt with the consequences of multiple users accessing files simultaneously and creating conflicting file versions.

Egnyte solves this problem by providing automatic global file locking which ensures there is only 1 file version regardless of where of how the file is accessed.

When a user opens a doc to make edits, Egnyte automatically locks the file. Other users will still be able to preview it or download it, but they cannot edit it. Once the user closes the file, the system automatically unlocks it and other users now have the ability to edit. Users can also manually lock a file if they are editing while offline. When connection is restored, the changes will be synced automatically.

Optimize your network performance

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