Realize the Full Potential of Google Apps in your Enterprise

Egnyte Connect accelerates the productivity of your organization by extending Google Apps for Work with a rich suite of enterprise file sharing services and a robust framework for administration.

File Server in the Cloud Leveraging Google Drive

Businesses adopting Google Apps for Work have to contend with fragmented content in individual Google Drive accounts. Enterprises have for decades used the file server model built around a centralized content repository.

With Egnyte Connect, businesses can:

  • Consolidate fragmented content into a unified repository in Google Drive that is managed by IT using an NTFS-like permissions model
  • Combine the collaboration and productivity features of Google Apps with Egnyte's robust framework for administration
  • Enable users to create and share Google and non-Google files from a single repository
Google Apps with Egnyte's robust framework

Unified Access to Google Drive and On-Premises Content

Businesses often need to retain content on-premises for performance, compliance or connectivity reasons, or because they need to leverage significant investments in on-premises infrastructure.

With Egnyte Connect, business users can:

  • Access content in Google Drive and on-premise with consistent workflows
  • Synchronize cloud and on-premises content for online and offline access
  • Access any business content with any device from any location
Synchronize Cloud and On-Premises content with Egnyte Connect

Single Pane of Glass for Advanced Administration

Managing disparate content repositories on the cloud and on-premises can prove challenging for IT administrators. Egnyte offers enterprise-grade administration for all content (Google Drive and on-premises), all internal and external users, and devices.

With Egnyte Connect, administrators can:

  • Leverage Unified Content Administration and Management to manage all content and activity centrally, overriding Google Drive's basic access permissions
  • Audit and monitor all user activity with a central dashboard. No more guessing what content was shared with external users or if departing users took content out with them
  • Enhance security and compliance with advanced admin features like Remote Content Wiping, Automated Provisioning, and Role-based Admin Delegation
Unified Content Administration and Management with a central dashboard
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