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How Lewis Group Executes Real Estate Development Projects Faster and Reduces Direct Costs by 66% with Egnyte

Egnyte’s cloud content governance platform liberates staff to work, securely share, and collaborate from wherever they are

Hours of Employee Capacity Unlocked Every Day
Hours of Valuable IT Time Saved Per Month


In a competitive real estate development space, Lewis Group needed to maximize the productivity of its teams. Yet its existing file management infrastructure was slowing everyone down: it didn’t offer remote access to the files teams needed and when they were in the office, locating, moving, and syncing files was seriously sluggish.

Everything changed when Egnyte came onboard. With every file now easily accessed from a single platform and secure remote access made simple, productivity skyrocketed, projects accelerated, and direct costs fell by 66%.


Lewis Group’s employees needed fast access to critical files, such as architectural plans and project documentation. Unfortunately, their existing file management system provided no remote access, so unless they were in the office, they couldn’t access, share, or collaborate on essential content. Even when they were at their desks, locating files on the network, moving large files around, and syncing were all agonisingly slow.

Lewis Group Challenges


With Egnyte onboard, remote and office-based users can easily access and collaborate on files of any size, on any device, even when they’re offline, which improves productivity and relationships with clients and vendors. Egnyte’s central hub of visibility and control also eliminates the frustrations of backend file administration for IT.

“Egnyte is a formidable competitor to the conventional big names—and performs better than all of them.”
Michael Viselli
Senior IS Project Manager, Lewis Group


Switching to Egnyte has cut Lewis Group’s direct costs by 66%. And with 600 staff saving at least 30 minutes a day with Egnyte, Lewis Group has unlocked an incredible 300hrs of extra capacity across the business daily!

Lewis Group Results

Lewis Group develops and manages large-scale real estate projects across the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors in the Western United States. Founded more than 60 years ago, the firm has over 600 employees based in more than 40 offices throughout California and Nevada.



Southern California, U.S.


Real Estate Development

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