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H2I Group Primed for Growth with Simple and Secure File Services

Egnyte enables “cloud-first” approach while reducing IT cost and complexity

offices in operation nationwide
Systems Consolidated


H2I Group needed to streamline and unify how data is shared and stored across the organization. The business was experiencing rising IT costs and increasing complexity resulting from maintaining a legacy infrastructure in multiple locations across the country and working with multiple service providers.

Egnyte has greatly simplified IT systems and improved security for H2I Group
CSU-TMI Research lab constructed by H2I Group


H2I Group consolidated its systems including cloud backup and recovery software, file server auditing software, DFS, and VPN into a unified, turnkey content services solution in Egnyte. By decluttering its infrastructure, H2I simplified IT administration while achieving the scalability, user experience, and data controls needed to support bold growth plans.

Virtual modeling is a critical part of H2I group’s workflow
Virtual modeling is a critical part of H2I group’s workflow. With Egnyte it’s easier and secure to store all the sources in one centralized repository.


  • 100 less people on VPN with Egnyte
  • Reliable and fast data access, from anywhere and on any device that supports remote work.
  • Centralized data governance, security and controls from a unified platform.
Chris Betlach, Director of IT, H2I Group
"Within 24 hours of running Egnyte, H2I was able to classify all of our network drives data, find where sensitive data is stored, and start building data policies to help us meet PCI and CCPA compliances."
Chris Betlach
Director of IT • H2I Group

Providing design, build, pre-construction, installation, management and other related services, H2I Group (previously known as Haldeman-Homme Inc.) helps organizations in the education, healthcare, industrial, government, and corporate markets create new state-of-the-art facilities that meet their specific needs and vision. Experienced at building commercial interiors for 95 years, H2I Group has grown from a small Midwest company to a nationwide provider of diverse facility solutions.



Minneapolis, Minnesota
Operations across all 50 states



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