Coretelligent Adds Flexibility to its Client Offerings

Egnyte is a great product that enables our MSP business to scale, provides an amazing solution for our customers, and helps us expand services within our customer-base.

Christopher Messer
Chief Technology Officer

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Realizing the opportunity

It’s an easy thing to claim a white-glove, customer-first service approach. It’s quite another to deliver it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But that’s exactly what Coretelligent is doing. It’s how this managed service provider (MSP) has been able to expand its presence across the United States, why it has invested in developing its cybersecurity service, CoreArmor, and it’s why it regularly receives client feedback like this:

“Anyone can fix computers, but I needed strategic planning, technical leadership and a smart team of people. Coretelligent delivers. I trust them implicitly.” Jon Rehagen, President of Technology, General Catalyst Partners.

The secret to Coretelligent’s success is its ability to blend best-in-class vendor technologies with its own operational and strategic expertise. It adjusts its recommendations for the precise needs of each client – whether that’s an early stage, digital-first FinTech start-up, a mid-sized life sciences firm or a more traditional brick and mortar enterprise. Egnyte was a solution that uniquely fit Coretelligent’s needs, along with the needs of its clients.

“I had come across Egnyte a couple of times and with a little more investigation saw more potential than just performance. We could remove other collaboration blockers as well,” added Kuhn. “We needed a solution that would augment our workflows to keep the drug development on track, regardless of the location of each team.”

Evolving the Partnership

A few years ago, with many clients looking at new and more flexible workstyles, Coretelligent needed to solve its client’s challenges with inflexible content infrastructures and their lack of a primary content repository by which to collaborate. Disparate, fragmented solutions were being adopted, often in shadow IT environments. This drove Coretelligent to have some tough internal conversations about how, as an MSP, it could offer a single, powerful approach that would address the issues without adding further complexity.

“On the one hand, clients looking to collaborate and share documents securely with external partners were hitting the limitations of their Windows File Server architectures. On the other, those implementing cloud-based file solutions were doing so in a less than strategic way.”

Having exhaustively evaluated Egnyte, its hybrid deployment approach stood out. Coretelligent could simply and quickly address the needs of its cloud-first businesses. It could also support those clients who were hesitant to move entirely to the cloud on day one by maintaining on-premises infrastructure at some sites with cloud deployments at other sites; taking a phased approach to cloud migration. Christopher stated, “It really was a silver bullet solution that gave us the levers, configurations and security we were looking for as an MSP.”

Today, as part of Coretelligent’s white glove approach, its team regularly meets clients for a strategic, services-level discussion to define the IT roadmap and strategy. The team introduces Egnyte to clients who aren’t enabling user access to files and IP anywhere and at any time.

“We don’t talk about Egnyte’s capabilities, we show them. Nine times out of ten, after a 15-minute demo, customers are sold. The value is evident.”

Once deployed, Coretelligent offers a range of support options. For smaller companies of 200 employees or less with limited resources, the MSP provides full administrative support. As clients grow, with more established internal IT teams, Coretelligent takes a shared responsibility approach.

“Over time, we see our clients’ use of Egnyte broaden and deepen. They might start with internal support and operations then broaden deployment out to other business units. We also see a lot of interest in ancillary solutions, such as using Egnyte Protect for compliance-driven organizations.”

“Egnyte supports the needs of all our clients: from cloud-centric,10-person start-ups, all the way to the more established firms who like a little more formality and structure around their service delivery. Egnyte delivers at both ends of this spectrum, and everywhere in between.”

Christopher Messer
Chief Technology Officer

Egnyte’s sophisticated sharing and reporting functionality, combined with an ability to support complex workflows and leverage third party applications such as Adobe eSign, provides significant opportunities to ‘land and expand.’ It helps to deliver up-sell, value-added opportunities, while moving customers to the cloud at their pace and budget.

“Egnyte certainly helps us with retention. When we deploy, our customers stop worrying about file services, security and collaboration. All the common IT support questions go out the window. They achieve operational stability in multiple areas (in files, email and IT operations), which allows us to focus on strategy and growing the relationship.”

“The solution works as advertised. I can’t say enough about the scalability and robustness of the platform. We’ve deepened the relationship with the Egnyte executive team and synced up on a strategic level. Egnyte is, bar none, one of the best solutions MSPs can recommend to their clients.”