Cross-office Sync

Cross-office Sync

Companies are more distributed today than ever before, with offices and teams all over the world. It's important to keep these employees collaborating as if they're working in the same location.

Cross-office collaboration is more than just sharing a few files back and forth by email. Departments need to work together on product launches, marketing campaigns and financial plans. The sheer number of files, the size of files, and velocity of collaboration can be incredibly high and overwhelming for IT. Not to mention IT has to accommodate for smaller branch offices with limited Internet bandwidth and storage capacity.

Cross-office File Sharing Solves the  issues of Large Files

How Egnyte solves this use case

Egnyte is the only solution that lets distributed employees work together regardless of file size, office location, network connection, or quality of infrastructure. Millions of files can be simultaneously synced across thousands of storage devices anywhere in the world, providing distributed offices with one single view of all company files. Documents created or edited in one office are instantly replicated across multiple offices, allowing distributed teams to work together as if they're in the same office. Cross-office file sharing solves the issues of large files and/or limited bandwidth where cloud-only file sharing solutions fail.

We initially rolled out Egnyte because we needed easy, remote access. Today we are reaching a tipping point of viral adoption, our users love it and we're pushing an accelerated implementation schedule.

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