Audit Reports

Full Visibility with real-time auditing

No enterprise file services solution is complete without real-time auditing* of users, data and activity. Egnyte Audit Reports helps enterprise IT understand usage and monitor behavior across their entire file services platform. The wide range of reporting tools can be easily accessed through the Central Administration.

User Permission Report icon

User Permission Report

View all users and corresponding folder permissions

File Audit Report icon

File Audit Report

Generate complete audit trails of all file activities

Login Audit Report icon

Login Audit Report

Monitor login history of all users based on source and time

ermission Audit Report icon

Permission Audit Report

View the permission history of any folder; track detailed information on how the permission structure has changed, who changed it, and when the change took place.

File Server Size Report icon

File Server Size Report

See how much storage is currently being utilized

Folder Size Report icon

Folder Size Report

See how much space is being used in each folder

Link Summary Report icon

Link Summary Report

View and manage all file links

Local Cloud Status Report icon

Local Cloud Status Report

Monitor Local Cloud usage of every user

Lock Summary Report icon

Lock Summary Report

See what files and folders are actively locked

*Feature available with the Advanced Security Package. For pricing and setup please contact your account manager.