Sanjay Kosuri

Sanjay Kosuri

Sanjay is a lead Product Marketing Manager for Egnyte's file sharing and collaboration portfolio.

Maximize Your Productivity On-the-Go: Elevate Efficiency with Egnyte Mobile App
February 8, 2024

Enhance business collaboration with the Egnyte Mobile App. Share Files via email and communication apps, locate photos by location, and enhance PDF editing on iOS and Android. Integrated with the iOS Files App, streamlines user management and delivers secure, real-time notifications for a connected, efficient, and secure work environment.

January Release Rollup: AI-Driven Document Summaries and Q&A - ‘Ask’ Tab, Advanced Watermarking and More
January 31, 2024

Egnyte's January Rollup covers product updates and enhancements including AI-driven Document Summaries and Q&A - ‘Ask’ Tab, Advanced Watermarking, and Share File and Folder Links.

December Release Rollup: SANS Report, Egnyte Sign, Rules-based Metadata and more
December 29, 2023

Get the latest product updates and enhancements from Egnyte around SANS Report, Egnyte Sign, and Rules-based Metadata.

Streamline Content Organization with Rules-based Metadata
December 19, 2023

Learn how you can easily organize and manage all your digital assets with Egnyte's Rules-based Metadata system.

Simplify Document Authentication and Approval with Egnyte’s eSignature
December 11, 2023

Learn more about Egnyte's built-in eSignature workflow to streamline the document approval process.

November Release Rollup: Location Triggered Access Notifications in The Egnyte Android App, Audio/ Video Search and More
November 30, 2023

Get the latest product updates and enhancements from Egnyte around location triggered access notifications in the Egnyte Android App, Audio/ Video Search, and user management on mobile.

October Release Rollup: Egnyte Document Room, E2E Connector, Co-editable Links for Google Files and more
October 31, 2023

Get the latest product updates and enhancements from Egnyte around Egnyte Document Room, E2E Connector, Co-editable Links for Google Files, and more.

Streamline Document Structure and Access Control with Egnyte and Microsoft Teams Integration
October 24, 2023

As a part of ongoing enhancements to Microsoft Teams integration, Egnyte has released two new functionalities that would automate MS Teams Channel to Egnyte Folder Mapping and Permissions Management. This improves collaboration among MS Teams users by reducing content sprawl, access to the most up-to-date content, and securing sensitive data.

September Release Rollup: DXF File Preview in the iOS App, Support for Sharing Large Files Associated with Legal Holds, Ransomware Detection Sensitivity Adjustment, and More
September 29, 2023

Get the latest product updates and enhancements from Egnyte around DXF file preview, sharing large files associated with legal holds, ransomware detection adjustment, and more.

August Release Rollup: AI-Driven Document Summarization and Helpdesk Chatbot for WebUI, Workflow Templates and More
August 31, 2023

Get the latest product updates and enhancements from Egnyte around AI-driven document summarization and helpdesk chatbot, workflow templates, smart cache for Civil 3D, and more.

Improve Content Accessibility and Control Sprawl with Egnyte’s File and Folder Shortcuts
August 22, 2023

Given the growth of hybrid work models, organizations are becoming increasingly decentralized. Employees operating from diverse locations access business information through various cloud tools and digital devices. While this enhances their productivity, it inadvertently triggers content sprawl. This sprawl leads to significant challenges for organizations, including decreased productivity due to difficulty locating and managing content and increased risks to the business from inadvertent or accidental sensitive data leakage. To address these challenges, Egnyte has introduced File and Folder Shortcuts that help organizations centralize access to content and improve the management of critical business information.

Enhance Productivity with Egnyte for Microsoft Teams Integration
August 2, 2023

The Egnyte for Microsoft Teams integration offers a seamless user experience with its powerful file sync and share capabilities that are now deeply integrated into Microsoft Teams. Users can co-edit Microsoft documents in real time without the need of leaving the familiar Microsoft Teams environment.

Effective Access and Collaboration on Large Lab Datasets using Egnyte's Smart Cache
August 1, 2023

The life sciences industry is at the forefront of data-intensive research and innovation. Scientists and researchers rely heavily on the collection, processing, and analysis of vast amounts of data generated by lab instruments. And they are often challenged by errors or confusion in managing data flows that in turn, have a direct impact on the quality of data and corresponding compliance with regulatory requirements. That is why it is imperative to maintain a clear audit trail to track the origin of actions associated with data from each lab instrument service account.

July Release Rollup: AI Document Summarization, Smart Cache and More
July 31, 2023

Get the latest product updates and enhancements from Egnyte around AI, Smart Cache, Project Dashboard and more.

June Release Rollup: File and Folder Shortcuts, PDF Viewer and More
June 30, 2023

This month's product updates include releases around file and folder shortcuts, PDF viewer and editor, along with AEC and life sciences vertical updates.

Streamline Co-editing Microsoft Documents with Egnyte
June 7, 2023

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing a seamless co-editing experience to our users, we have introduced new enhancements that enable Windows and Mac users to open any Microsoft Office-supported files such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and start or join a co-editing session directly from the Microsoft Office App.

Finding Results Faster With Egnyte’s Search Enhancements
June 5, 2023

Egnyte has made several feature enhancements to our search functionality that improve the ease of use and ensure that users find relevant information quickly and efficiently. Read about them here.

May Product Innovation: Updates for BIM Files, Connected Folders, and More
May 31, 2023

May's product updates feature BIM file search and preview, connected folders, folder and file type-scoped Metadata and more. Read on.

Easy PDF Preview and Annotation with Egnyte
May 24, 2023

In every industry people work with PDF documents in one way or another. With about 2.5 trillion PDFs floating around in the world today (according to Adobe), the PDF has proven to be easy to use and economical in terms of document sharing and consumption. However, despite their popularity, distributed teams that need to collaborate on PDF files often find it difficult to do so without adding unnecessary friction to their workflows. To help companies tackle these challenges, Egnyte has created powerful tools that make viewing and editing PDFs much easier and more cost effective than ever before.

April Product Rollup: Content Safeguards, Large File Support and More
April 28, 2023

Egnyte's April Product Rollup features enhancements to content safeguards, large file downloads, the AEC platform and co-editing on Desktop App Core for Mac.

Real-time Co-editing on Desktop Using Native Google Workspace Tools
April 7, 2023

With deep integrations into Google Workspace, Egnyte enables users to streamline the document creation process by delivering a seamless experience to create, co-edit and share documents directly from within the Egnyte Desktop App and Web UI. By using Egnyte as the document source, files are also protected from internal misuse and external threats, ensuring that users can collaborate with confidence, without concerns of exposing sensitive data. This blog shows how Egnyte and Google Workspace work together to co-edit and protect files in real-time.

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