Sanjay Kosuri

Sanjay Kosuri

Sanjay is a lead Product Marketing Manager for Egnyte's file sharing and collaboration portfolio.

Easy PDF Preview and Annotation with Egnyte
May 24, 2023

In every industry people work with PDF documents in one way or another. With about 2.5 trillion PDFs floating around in the world today (according to Adobe), the PDF has proven to be easy to use and economical in terms of document sharing and consumption. However, despite their popularity, distributed teams that need to collaborate on PDF files often find it difficult to do so without adding unnecessary friction to their workflows. To help companies tackle these challenges, Egnyte has created powerful tools that make viewing and editing PDFs much easier and more cost effective than ever before.

April Product Rollup: Content Safeguards, Large File Support and More
April 28, 2023

Egnyte's April Product Rollup features enhancements to content safeguards, large file downloads, the AEC platform and co-editing on Desktop App Core for Mac.

Real-time Co-editing on Desktop Using Native Google Workspace Tools
April 7, 2023

With deep integrations into Google Workspace, Egnyte enables users to streamline the document creation process by delivering a seamless experience to create, co-edit and share documents directly from within the Egnyte Desktop App and Web UI. By using Egnyte as the document source, files are also protected from internal misuse and external threats, ensuring that users can collaborate with confidence, without concerns of exposing sensitive data. This blog shows how Egnyte and Google Workspace work together to co-edit and protect files in real-time.

Why AEC Firms Struggle with Panzura (And What They Can Do About It)
March 23, 2023

The AEC industry is notoriously reliant on data - data that is housed in documents that support design through initial bid response and project build to post occupancy. Project teams employ everything from traditional Microsoft word documents and excel spreadsheets to extremely large industry specific files. This blog explores some of the most common complaints from AEC companies who have tried using Panzura as their core file system before coming to Egnyte looking for a better solution.

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