July Release Rollup: AI Document Summarization, Smart Cache and More

This month's release rollup includes Egnyte's AI-driven document summarization, project dashboard for Android, and Smart Cache file download improvements. Below is an overview of these and other new releases. Visit the linked articles for more details.

Featured Platform Enhancements and Releases

AI-Driven Document Summarization - Powered by industry-leading large language models (LLM), Egnyte's AI-Driven Document Summarization crafts document summaries effortlessly. Users can access these summaries through the 'Summary' tab on the document preview pane. Learn more.

File Download Improvements for Smart Cache – Users can now experience optimized and faster file downloads from the Egnyte cloud as the file downloads resume from where they left off. Learn more

Project Dashboard for Android – Android users can now view project status, progress, location, dates, and logo on the go. Seamlessly integrated into project folders, the project dashboard serves as a centralized hub for managing and monitoring projects. Learn more.

Egnyte for Life Sciences

eTMF Inventory Report Export – Users can now generate an Inventory Report directly from the app, which provides a comprehensive list of all documents and files for a specific clinical trial in the TMF system. The report can be exported as a CSV file, allowing users to analyze the data using other analytical tools. Learn more.

Other Enhancements and Releases

Visual Indicators of Shared Folders in Android – New badges identify shared folders helping users to identify shared folders with standard users and external collaborators. Learn more.

External Sharing of Folder Links – Along with files, users can now share folders with specific external users using the folder link-sharing dialog now. Learn more.

Inactive User Detection – This new analysis rule detects inactive users in a content source, reducing the risk of data exposure. Admins can customize the rule to detect external and non-admin users based on a period of inactivity. Learn more.

Probable Ransomware Processing – Probable ransomware issues will no longer disappear but be moved to "Dismissed" status, enabling admins to review or reopen them later as needed. Learn more.

Email Notifications and Log Management – This feature enables the migration app to send automatic email notifications of critical events. It empowers the migration operator to control the number of logs to retain during the migration process. Learn more.   

Password Expiry Notification – The password expiry notification feature sends users daily reminders, starting seven days before their password expires. Learn more.

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