November Release Rollup: Location Triggered Access Notifications in The Egnyte Android App, Audio/ Video Search and More

This month's release rollup for product updates and enhancements includes location triggered access notifications in the Egnyte Android App, Audio/ Video Search, and user management on mobile. Below is a summary of these and other new releases. Visit the articles linked below for more details. 

Featured Platform Enhancements and Releases 

Location Triggered Access Notifications in The Egnyte Android App: Streamlines accessing Project Folders within the app when users are near the project location. Upon reaching the specified geographic location within a Project Folder, users receive automatic notifications offering direct access to the relevant Project Folder(s). Learn more

Audio/ Video Search: Added A/V search and transcription capabilities to further improve the Audio/Video (A/V) experience. Users can search for their A/V content in a manner similar to a regular text search. Additionally, they can download the transcript in WebVTT format. Learn more.  

User Management in the Egnyte iOS App: Admins and Power Users with the right permissions can now manage domain users via the Egnyte mobile app and perform the same user management actions available on the web UI. Learn more

Other Enhancements and Releases 

Progress Indicator for Mac: Mac users can now track and monitor ongoing file uploads with Progress Indicator in real-time, enhancing transparency and efficiency in managing file uploads. Learn more.  

Folder Notification Emails: The subject of folder notification email messages will now show the names of (max 2) users who are adding or updating content in Egnyte so they do not miss important updates. Learn more.  

Document Labels: Document labels (e.g., Confidential) are now added to downloaded Microsoft Office documents and PDF files in Egnyte. These labels are written to a file's custom properties, enabling compatibility with software such as MS Purview for streamlined file actions. Learn more.  

Automatic Expiration Policy: This limited availability release enables admins to set an automatic expiration rule to deactivate standard users who have been inactive for defined periods ranging from one month to a year, ensuring optimal account security. Learn more.   

Hybrid Smart Cache Support: Desktop app Core now connects to Smart Devices, allowing downloads through Smart Cache for improved bandwidth utilization. Initially, on limited availability, it will gradually roll out to a global audience shortly. Learn more

New Role Entitlements: Non-admins can now see, add, or remove data owners with the new RBAC role entitlements within the Secure and Govern permissions browser, enhancing user control. Learn more

Mobile Secure & Govern Notifications: Issue and Sensitive Content alerts for Secure & Govern now support mobile push notifications. Users can configure alerts to be sent through email only, mobile only, or both email and mobile. Learn more.  

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