May Product Innovation: Updates for BIM Files, Connected Folders, and More

We are pleased to share some exciting advancements made to our platform this month. These include the introduction of folder-scoped and file type-scoped Metadata, the addition of connected folders for Desktop App Core on Mac, and significant improvements to BIM Files search and preview features. Please explore the details below for more information.


Search and Preview BIM Files - Used by AEC professionals working with large BIM files, the feature enables teams to locate the latest 3D files quickly. Using optical character recognition (OCR) to index text within the models, it displays relevant results with an accurate preview of the search term's location. Users can now open and preview Revit, Navisworks, and AutoCAD files directly in Egnyte's native web UI, eliminating the need for expensive third-party software. For more information, read this blog.


Connected Folders for Desktop App for Mac -

  • Connected folders: Simplifies file management across multiple devices by allowing users to sync local folders on their computer with designated cloud folders.
  • Upload improvements: Improves upload performance for files larger than 50MB by utilizing optimized chunk sizes for uploading. In case of upload failure, the process will resume from the last successfully uploaded chunk within 24 hours.
  • Co-Editing preference settings: Administrators can set co-editing preferences (Ask, Always co-edit, Never co-edit) for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.
  • Support for Google Workspace files: Users can now conveniently open Google Workspace files directly from Desktop App by double-clicking the files.

For more information, read the helpdesk article.


Migration Scheduler - With this feature, users can schedule their migration job to execute at a designated time in the future, empowering them with enhanced flexibility and control over their migration process. For more information, read the helpdesk article.


Visual Identifiers for Project and Document Room Folders (IOS) - This feature enables users to identify their project and document folders from others easily. Users now see unique identifiers for each project and document room folder, streamlining the user experience for locating and accessing these folders. Read the helpdesk article for more information.


Folder and File Type-Scoped Metadata - This feature enables users to separate metadata sections, ensuring that specific sections are only accessible to designated folders. When viewing or editing metadata for a file or folder, users can choose to display only the relevant metadata assigned to that item. Additionally, file-scoped metadata allows users to assign different types of metadata to specific file formats. Learn more.

Smart Cache Enhancements: Cache Warming and Security Flags - The new device settings page shows a detailed view of the cache warming status. Additionally, Smart Cache now supports two new security flags that enable control over the signing and encryption of SMB end-to-end communication. These flags are “Enable signing and encryption for SMB” and “Enable signing for SMB.” For more information, read the helpdesk article.  

Secure & Govern

Folder-level analysis rules for Google Drive and Microsoft - Administrators can now configure ‘Analysis Rule’ folders for Microsoft OneDrive/O365, Microsoft SharePoint Online, and Google Drive. This functionality allows them to apply specific analysis rules to selected folders, rather than applying them to the entire content source. Learn more.

Permission Editing for Windows File Servers - The permissions management support for Windows File Servers (WFS) empowers Administrators and Data Owners to easily add, modify, and remove permissions at the folder level, enhancing control over access rights. For more information, read the helpdesk article.

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