February Release Rollup: Egnyte Sign, Rules-based Metadata, iOS Image Markups, and More

This month's release rollup for product updates and enhancements includes Egnyte Sign, Rules-based Metadata, and iOS Image Markups. Below is a summary of these and other new releases. Visit the articles linked below for more details. 

Featured Platform Enhancements and Releases 

Egnyte Sign: Egnyte Sign, the integrated eSignature tool within Egnyte, allows users to send electronic signature requests for Egnyte-stored documents to both internal and external users swiftly. A legally binding signed copy is saved in Egnyte as a digitally signed PDF. Learn more.  

Rules-based Metadata (General Availability): Power users and admins can now set simple rules to tag files and folders, speeding up metadata tagging and organization. Once the rule is applied to a folder, all files/ folders matching the rule within the folder will be auto-tagged. Learn more.  

iOS App - Image Markups and URL (Web Address) Files: Egnyte iOS app users can now annotate images (JEPG, PNG, and HEIC files) with text, drawings, stickers, etc. directly in the app. Additionally, they can create URL files in the mobile app for easy preview and access. Learn more.  

Other Enhancements and Releases  

PDF Text Editing: Users can now edit texts and images in PDFs easily using the PDF file editor within the PDF File Handler add-on, making editing more convenient. Learn more.  

Connected Folders for Shared Folders: Desktop app-connected folders can now be configured for shared folders using the File Explorer context menu instead of the Command Line Interface (CLI). The process remains identical to that of folders within the private folder, now extended to include shared folders. Learn more.  

Create Documents in ‘Draft’ mode: Egnyte now provides users the ability to quickly create a Microsoft or Google document in ‘Draft’ mode via the ‘Create’ menu. This allows users to work on the document without worrying about its visibility and sharing it with others until it’s ready. And, once the document is ready, users can publish it to the path where it was created from (default) or choose another. Learn more

Document Creation in Egnyte Desktop App Core: With the ‘Document Creation’ feature, Egnyte Desktop users can now effortlessly create documents using the right-click context menu. Learn more.  

Create Web Address (URL) Files in Android: Egnyte Android app users can now create ‘Web Addresses (Links) as Assets (Files)’ using the Create/ Upload menu for easy sharing and viewing of websites. Editing options are available via right-click. Learn more.  

Android 14 Support: The Egnyte mobile app now supports Android 14, fully optimized for seamless compatibility. Users can securely manage files on their Android 14 devices and benefit from performance enhancements and bug fixes for reliability. Learn more.   

Customer Pattern Matching in Secure & Govern: Users can now search their own patterns, such as Employee IDs, by creating a custom classification pattern with the option to use wildcards to enhance data discovery and management efficiency. Learn more.  

Data Owner & Permission Review Information Export Report: The new ‘Data Owner and Permission Review’ report in Secure & Govern enables users to generate reports for single or multiple folders to review data owner assignments and permission review statuses effortlessly. Learn more.  

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