Finding Results Faster With Egnyte’s Search Enhancements

According to the latest estimates around 328 million terabytes of new data is generated daily. Given this massive volume of information, the usability of a search engine to effectively provide relevant search results is crucial for the growth of any organization. Whereas irrelevant search results can cause several negative impacts such as: 

  • Poor discoverability 
  • Low engagement on the content 
  • Inability of the teams and individuals to make informed decisions   

To address these challenges, albeit at a smaller scale for the Egnyte customers, we have made several feature enhancements to our search functionality that improve the ease of use and ensure that users find relevant information quickly and efficiently. 

Quick search filters 

The quick search filters increase the efficiency of search results by allowing the users easily narrow down their search results by category or other specific criteria including, 

  • Search within the current folder or all folders in the account 
  • Search for items containing any or all the keywords 
  • Search for just folders or just files  
  • Filter search results by modification time 

Users can also lock their preferred search filters for future use by saving them as default settings so that the search results will automatically populate every time, they start a new search.

Advanced Search  

The advanced search function enables users to refine their search results even further and locate specific information by narrowing down results based on criteria such as file type, uploaded time, author, and wildcard search to search to display broader search results.


Users can also narrow down or broaden the search using Boolean operators like AND/ OR/ NOT, as well as search for an exact phrase.

Metadata Search 

Metadata search enables users to get more precise search results by using the metadata attributes associated with the files which may include author name, file type, modified date, or any other custom field.  Users can define metadata fields either with Egnyte’s Metadata API or within the user interface and use those fields to set values on files and folders. 

Saved Search

Saved search allows users to save their favorite and frequently used searches and run them with just one click.

Get the most out of your search with Egnyte’s new enhanced search functionality. To learn more, read this helpdesk article.

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Sanjay Kosuri

Sanjay is a lead Product Marketing Manager for Egnyte's file sharing and collaboration portfolio.

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