Unlocking Efficiency: Automate Your Egnyte Workflows with Microsoft Power Automate

The contemporary business landscape is progressively evolving into a realm of intricate complexity. Organizations employ an assortment of systems and tools to streamline processes, amplify productivity, optimize workflows, and abide by the constantly shifting industry norms and rigorous compliance benchmarks - all the while keeping an eye on cost efficiency. Achieving this can be a daunting task. Yet, the robotic process automation tool, Microsoft Power Automate (previously known as Microsoft Flow), empowers teams to automate monotonous tasks. Its user-friendly, low-code approach enhances productivity and saves substantial time.  

Microsoft Power Automate permits users to establish and automate more than 220 applications and services independently, removing the need for the development team's involvement. Egnyte, which is recognized as a highly qualified Microsoft Partner and Microsoft’s Cloud Storage Partner Program Plus (CSPP+) member due to its deep interoperability with Microsoft applications, has developed the Egnyte Connector in the Microsoft Power Automate application. This facilitates the automation of crucial workflows across diverse applications, freeing up valuable time of resources and enabling them to focus on key strategic initiatives, rendering higher value.  

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The Egnyte Connector in Microsoft Power Automate, with its 10 triggers and 67 actions, is specially crafted to automate workflows and simplify critical file management tasks, thereby, boosting productivity and efficiency. 

Key Functionalities:  

  • Streamline File Management: Create, upload, copy, and delete files and folders within Egnyte and other cloud storage providers (SharePoint, Google, etc.), eliminating the need for manual intervention, ensuring data remains organized and clutter-free. Additionally, synchronize files across different storage providers seamlessly. 
  • Enhance Data Security: Automate the file lock and unlock process by file id or path within workflows, ensuring sensitive information remains secure and protected, even as user activity increases. 
  • Simple and Secure Sharing: Automatically share files and folders with specified users triggered by events (e.g., when a new file is uploaded in a shared folder), reducing manual setup, and minimizing errors. Auto setup granular controls to prevent unauthorized sharing and data leaks. 
  • Improve Data Discoverability: Automate the application of metadata tags via file identifier instead of time-consuming manual tagging for faster retrieval times, better organization, and a more efficient workflow. 

Top Power Automate Use Cases:  

  • Streamline workflows, document review, and approvals.  
  • Automate email management and auto save attachments to cloud. 
  • Integrate with familiar platforms like SharePoint and Zendesk for a unified experience. 
  • Automate customer service tasks and deliver exceptional service 24/7. 
  • Automate routine HR tasks for a smoother employee experience. 
  • Generate reports and analytics to make data-driven decisions. 
  • Automate internal and external communication for better collaboration. 

In conclusion, Egnyte combined with Microsoft Power Automate unlocks a world of automation possibilities. Users can design and create workflows that automatically move files and folders to designated locations, locks and unlocks files and folders to prevent accidental edits and safeguard sensitive content, or configure secure file sharing – all without manual intervention. 

 Interested in streamlining your workflows and boosting your team's efficiency? Discover more about integrating Egnyte and Microsoft Power Automate today. Experience the simplicity of automating file management and achieve unprecedented organizational efficiency. For any further queries, feel free to contact your account representative. 

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Sanjay is a lead Product Marketing Manager for Egnyte's file sharing and collaboration portfolio.

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