May Release Rollup: Issue Auto-Remediation, eTMF – Optional Artifacts and Automatic Milestones, and More

This month's product updates and enhancements rollup include Issue Auto-Remediation, eTMF – optional artifacts and automatic milestones, and importing credentials from the desktop app for Microsoft Co-editing. Below is a summary of these and other new releases. Visit the articles linked below for more details. 

Featured Platform Enhancements and Releases 

Issue Auto-Remediation: The new auto-remediation feature in Secure & Govern lets administrators set up multi-condition rules to automatically address detected issues, reducing the burden on IT by minimizing manual reviews. These rules can be customized for each issue type. Learn more.  

eTMF – Optional Artifacts and Automatic Milestones: In eTMF's sixth release, users can now classify/ reclassify documents within a TMF (trial master file) to different artifacts directly from the viewer page. The document upload flow has also been improved, allowing users to select the artifact first, with automatic milestone assignment. Learn more.  

Importing Credentials from Desktop App for Microsoft Co-editing: Egnyte has simplified connecting Microsoft Office apps to its domain. Users can import multiple domains from the Egnyte Desktop App into Microsoft and launch co-editing sessions from the Egnyte WebUI/ Desktop App or within the Microsoft environment for seamless collaboration. Learn more

Other Enhancements and Releases 

Issue Auto-Remediation Improvements: Egnyte now supports new auto-remediation actions for supported issue types. The enhancements feature automated issue delegation and delayed auto-remediation actions to streamline and improve the issue remediation workflow process. Learn more.   

Role Entitlements for Issue Remediation: Secure & Govern's Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) now supports fine-grained role entitlements, allowing for varying degrees of access. This enables administrators to restrict access and delegate specific responsibilities to other users. Learn more.  

Secure & Govern - Exporting Selected Issues: Users now have the option to export issue reports selectively, focusing solely on chosen issues to streamline the process and export only the most critical issues as needed. Learn more.  

Reporting Center and Duplicate Permissions Report: Reports specific to Secure & Govern will be published under the "Reports" label and new reports will be added progressively. The Duplicate Permissions report, found under Reports, provides administrators with insights and recommendations on redundant permissions for users and groups, detailing all instances of duplicate permissions.  Learn more.  

Selective Scanning for Gmail Sources: With Egnyte Secure & Govern, admins can now specify which Gmail groups to scan. These groups can be configured during the initial setup or at any time after connecting the source. Learn more.  

Create Egnyte Signatures via Context Menu or File Interface (WebUI): Users can now initiate Egnyte Sign on any supported document via the WebUI context menu by simply selecting the file or right-clicking on it from the context menu. Learn more

Unified Experience for Creating Documents (WebUI): A pop-up now appears when creating documents via MS Office and Google Workspace, allowing users to name their document and choose its location, streamlining and standardizing the process in the Web UI. Learn more.  

Egnyte To Egnyte Connector from Collaborate (Limited Availability): The Egnyte-to-Egnyte Connector, now accessible through Egnyte Collaborate, facilitates connecting distinct Egnyte tenants via a one-way sync. Admins or Power Users with full permissions on a folder and its subfolders can directly create this connection from the share menu. Learn more.  

Egnyte Android App – URL link files edit option: Egnyte Android App users can now customize file links by editing URL link files from the context menu to tailor links to their specific needs. Learn more.  

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