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Data is growing at an exponential rate, with organizations expected to generate a staggering 181 zettabytes by 2025. This surge is driven by the proliferation of multimedia content, user-generated content, and IoT devices. However, 90% of this data is unstructured, making it challenging for conventional search engines to efficiently index and deliver relevant results. According to IDC, knowledge workers spend about 2.5 hours or 30% of their workday, searching and retrieving information. The problem escalates further when search results are irrelevant, inhibiting productivity, impeding crucial decision-making processes, and affecting employee morale. 

In response to these challenges, a range of improvements to Egnyte's search features have been implemented. These enable users to quickly access both rich media and text content, thus simplifying their decision-making process with readily accessible information. 

Image Similarity Search 

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry thrives on innovation and iteration. However, managing vast archives of design files can become a significant hurdle, hindering the ability to reference past projects and identify similar concepts. Using the image similarity search, AEC professionals can transform how they navigate their design repositories.  

Image similarity search goes beyond traditional keyword searches, allowing users to find visually similar images within their folders by simply uploading an image. The search engine then identifies and displays similar options from across the archive, helping AEC professionals to:  

  • Enhance efficiency: Locate relevant design iterations and reference materials with ease. 
  • Improve design continuity: Seamlessly integrate successful elements from past projects into new creations. 
  • Foster ideation: Spark fresh ideas and drive creative problem-solving by referencing previous designs. 
Image Similarity Search UI  

Audio/ Video (AV) Search 

The creation of AV content has opened up an array of creative opportunities, but content creators often find themselves spending a significant amount of time navigating through the continuously expanding piles of video and audio files. The current lack of search functionality within these files forces editors to rely on tedious, manual searches – a significant drain on productivity and a creativity killer.  

Egnyte’s AV search functionality addresses this by enabling users to search within AV files by matching search queries with transcripts generated for these files in the background. Users can create transcripts by simply clicking on the AV file and saving the transcript in their desired location for review and analysis, vastly improving the accessibility and navigability of AV content on Egnyte. 

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated
Audio Video Search UI 

The benefits extend to beyond just content creators. Corporate teams can leverage this functionality to optimize their internal communication and training materials, eliminate time-consuming process of manually navigating through lengthy recordings, thereby fostering a more efficient and streamlined workflow.  

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated
Create Audio Video File Transcript 

 Egnyte users can take advantage of the AI functionality "Ask", which is seamlessly integrated into the file workflow. This allows users to easily pull out crucial insights such as file summaries or specific speaker notes when necessary, thus boosting productivity with ease. 

A screenshot of a video chatDescription automatically generated
AI-powered document summary and Q&A 

 Geolocation Search 

In the AEC industry, capturing on-site images is a daily routine, but finding them later can be very challenging. Geolocation search simplifies this process, enabling users to quickly retrieve relevant images by location. 

Imagine a scenario where a Site Manager requires immediate access to visual data from a specific project location. Geolocation search eliminates the process of navigating through endless folder structures or inconsistent keyword tags. Users can simply enter the desired location, along with an adjustable radius parameter, in the search bar. The geolocation search feature then utilizes image metadata to instantly retrieve all photos tagged with the corresponding geolocation data within the designated area.  

This user-friendly method improves project management efficiency and promotes a data-centric approach by transforming the way professionals explore and employ visual documentation. 

Geolocation Search UI 

In conclusion, Egnyte’s innovative search functionalities - image similarity, AV, and geolocation search render speedy access to audio visual content and swift retrieval of on-site images. Utilizing these capabilities lead to optimized workflows, support informed decision-making, and promote innovation in project execution.  

Contact us at or connect with your account representative to enable these features and elevate your user experience. 

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