Improve File Management in Microsoft Teams with Egnyte Integration

Microsoft Teams has seen a remarkable surge in popularity and usage post-pandemic. With 320 million+ users spanning more than 1 million organizations, it serves as an important tool to keep teams connected and foster productivity. While MS Teams excels in real-time collaboration, conversational channels, online meetings, and video calls, it grapples with file management and accessibility stemming from its inherent design and architecture. Within Microsoft Teams, each team is provided with its SharePoint site for storing files in the document library and every team member gets personal storage space on OneDrive for file sharing. Files shared within Teams channels are stored in the Channels “Files” tab.  

When collaborating, users share files through various methods. For instance, when a user shares a file within a Microsoft Teams team, it is stored in the SharePoint document library, accessible to all team members. Conversely, if the same user shares a file through a 1:1 chat, the file is stored in OneDrive, limiting access to others unless explicitly granted by the user. This could rapidly clutter the platform, making it challenging for team members to efficiently locate desired content when required, leading to decreased productivity and heightened risks of security breaches and data loss. 

Egnyte, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, tackles the challenges by serving as a centralized repository for secure storage and sharing. 

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Egnyte Files Tab Integration in Microsoft Teams 

The integration of the Egnyte Files Tab with Microsoft Teams offers users a seamless native experience. With direct access to folders connected to the Teams Channel, collaboration is effortless, workflows are streamlined, and productivity is enhanced among team members. 

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Upload, Share, and Preview Files 

 By serving as the default File Server, Egnyte fosters a unified environment for file management and collaboration within Microsoft Teams, eradicating worries about scattered file locations. Users can effortlessly share and preview Egnyte content in Channels and Chats by automatically syncing with associated Egnyte folders.  

Granular permissions empower users to precisely control file-sharing access, safeguarding sensitive content. This streamlined process improves productivity and fosters efficient teamwork, as team members can focus on tasks without navigating disparate platforms or worrying about data security breaches. 

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Co-edit Microsoft Office Files 

 Real-time co-editing of Microsoft Office files within Teams is also supported with a wide range of choices to co-edit either in Teams, Microsoft Online, or Desktop based on the user’s preference. All modifications are automatically saved to Egnyte storage, ensuring data consistency and reliable version control, empowering teams to work more efficiently and confidently. 

In summary, while Microsoft Teams excels in facilitating team collaboration, users frequently encounter challenges in managing files spread across SharePoint and OneDrive. Incorporating Egnyte as the primary file server within Teams streamlines this procedure by centralizing file storage in a single location. This streamlining of workflows not only boosts productivity but also encourages collaboration. With Egnyte, sharing files, managing access, and collaborating in real-time becomes seamless, ensuring effective teamwork and an enhanced experience in Teams. 

To fully leverage the benefits of this integration, please consult the user guide to configure Egnyte within your Microsoft Teams application, or feel free to contact your account representative for assistance.  

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