April Product Rollup: Content Safeguards, Large File Support and More

We are pleased to announce some exciting updates to our platform this month, which include enhancements to content safeguards, large file download improvements, and co-editing on Desktop App Core for Mac. Please read all about it below.

Secure and Govern 

Content Safeguards 

An upgrade has been made to Egnyte's Content Safeguard to have two components: 

  • Restriction policies - Restriction policies under content safeguard allow an admin to control how users share content based on content type, risk score, location, or any combination. Admins can restrict link sharing by blocking sharing options/warning users, disallowing downloads & controlling link expiry. Read our helpdesk article for more details. 
  • Exception Policies - Exception policies, on the other hand, drive exceptions to the restriction policies. An admin can apply exception policies for a specific group of users or folders and assign expiry options depending on the number of days or clicks. For more information, check out the helpdesk article

Suspicious Login - Expand Restricted Country Support - The restricted country support for suspicious login rule has been expanded to 250 countries and dependent territories. Administrators can now configure any country as a restricted country and receive alerts when users attempt to log in from restricted countries or dependent territories. For more information, check out the helpdesk article.  


Stability Improvements with Smart Cache V4.0.1 - We have addressed the issue of handling a large number of temporary files on Smart Cache. For more information, check out the helpdesk article.    

Security Update in WebEdit 2.4.8 for Windows and Mac - There is an important security improvement to this version of WebEdit. We recommend users update to the latest version of WebEdit to patch the security issue and improve the tool's performance. Learn more about this improvement. 


Revit Worksharing and Cache Warming with Smart Cache - The single-site Revit work-sharing capability allows Revit designers to map a Windows native drive letter (SMB) to a Smart Cache device deployed in their office, providing them with the flexibility to create central models on the native drive letter and work on their local models. Multiple users can access the same central model simultaneously and make changes as Smart Cache allows them to synchronize Revit-locks. For more information, check out the helpdesk article.  

Egnyte's Intelligent Document Classification to Locate and Manage AEC Documents - Intelligent document classification simplifies the classification and discovery of essential files like drawings, RFIs, and submittals by analyzing each file's contents and context automatically and identifying criteria that closely align with specific document types. Users can create a custom policy tailored to suit their business needs in just a few simple steps. For more information, check out this blog

Project Homepage - Users can access critical project information easily with the Project Homepage. They can customize the new dashboard built on top of project folders using a series of widgets such as project attributes, bookmarked items, and saved searches to display the most relevant information. For more information, check out the helpdesk article.


Large File Download Improvements in Desktop App for Windows Version 3.14.9 - The app performance improved to support large file sizes exceeding 100MB for mapped drives. For more information, check out the helpdesk article.   

Improvements to Co-Editing on Desktop App Core for Mac V0.6 - We have revamped the co-editing experience with the latest Microsoft integration in our current version. Once a file is downloaded, there will be no duplicate downloads during the start or joining of a co-editing session. Additionally, the new improvements support automatic uploads once the connection is restored after an interruption and support for large file downloads exceeding 100MB. For more information, check out the helpdesk article.  

Updated Co-Editing for Microsoft Office Files on IOS - This feature lets users open Microsoft Office files and start or join co-editing sessions via Microsoft apps when turned on. Users can co-edit all Microsoft-supported file types, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Learn more about this update. 


New Migration App Features: Speed Test and Windows Server 2022 Support - The newly added speed test feature migration operates with a more precise bandwidth analysis from the host machine to the Egnyte.io API endpoint. Users can analyze the time it would take to upload a single file of different sizes using the information provided in the results. Enable this feature by request only. For more information, check out the helpdesk article.  


New APIs, Document Versioning, and Enhancements in Controlled Document Management App for Life Sciences  

  • Controlled Docs API - The Controlled Document Management app helps users to streamline their document and training records migration from other systems to Egnyte's control document management app. 
  • Document Version Management Settings - The new feature in the Controlled Document Management app for Life Sciences allows greater flexibility and control over document versioning for the users to choose either from system-generated or manual options for the domain.

For more information, check out the helpdesk article.  

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