April Release Rollup: Image Similarity Search, BIM File Preview Enhancements, Creating a Draft Document, and More

This month's product updates and enhancements rollup include Image Similarity Search, BIM File Preview Enhancements, and creating a Draft Document. Below is a summary of these and other new releases. Visit the articles linked below for more details. 

Featured Platform Enhancements and Releases 

Image Similarity Search: Available to users with the Project Control add-on, Image Similarity Search seamlessly navigates through folders and discovers visually similar images. Just click on the “More like this” function in the context menu to discover related images. Learn more

BIM File Preview Enhancements: The BIM file preview will no longer disappear after just 5 seconds. Instead, it will remain visible until the user chooses to manually close it or preview it with a simple click, enabling uninterrupted access to previews with ease. Learn more

Quick Create – Creating a Draft Document: “Draft Mode” in WebUI empowers users to create Microsoft and Google draft documents directly from the Create menu. This intuitive functionality enables users to focus on content creation without concerns about visibility or sharing until the document is finalized. Learn more

Other Enhancements and Releases  

Advanced Video Playback Enhancement: The Advanced Video Playback feature now supports a wider range of formats and previews up to 2GB or 90 minutes in duration. Users will see a banner notification if the video exceeds the 90-minute limit, ensuring users are aware of longer videos. Learn more.  

Dropdown Fields in Egnyte Sign: Egnyte sign offers dropdown fields that can be added to a form by the requestor. Requestors can customize dropdown fields and options effortlessly and set default selections with just a click. Learn more.  

External Sharing File Level Detection for Google Drive: Secure & Govern now detects external sharing not only at the folder level but also at the file level for Google Drive, safeguarding your content effectively by identifying potential external sharing risks effortlessly. Learn more.  

Manage Links Shared by Inactive Users: Admins can now filter links shared by deactivated and deleted users for better visibility and control over links associated with inactive users. Learn more.    

Content Safeguards - Improved Folder and Sub-folder Selection Process: This new enhancement enables users to include or exclude sub-folders when configuring a content safeguard policy, ensuring precise control over their content protection strategy. Learn more. 

Power User Role Support for Microsoft: The Secure & Govern “Power User” role is now supported for Microsoft SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Office 365. Power Users now get tailored access and views focused on Secure & Govern functionalities, including permissions management, issue handling, and sensitive content viewing. Learn more.  

Opening Files/Folders in Egnyte Desktop App from Web UI (Limited Availability): Users now have the seamless capability to open files or folders directly in the Egnyte Desktop App from the web UI, enhancing the link-opening experience within the platform. Learn more.  

Saved URLs Widget on the Project Dashboard (Limited Availability): Saved URLs widget displays all linked files within the project folder and its subfolders, accessible to users who have access. Additionally, it also gives an option to create new URLs and add them to the project folder. Learn more

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