June Release Rollup: Egnyte for Microsoft (MS) Teams - Drag and Drop Functionality, Enhancements to Document Room Portal and More

This month's product updates and enhancements rollup includes Egnyte for MS Teams - Drag and Drop functionality, enhancements to the Document Room Portal, and user management on the Android mobile app. Please visit the articles linked below for more details.

Featured Platform Enhancements and Releases

Egnyte for MS Teams - Drag and Drop Functionality: The latest update lets MS Teams users easily upload and share local files with Egnyte's integrated drag-and-drop feature, enhancing convenience and streamlining collaboration within Teams channels. Learn more.

Enhancements to the Document Room Portal: Enhancements to Egnyte's Document Room Portal improve collaboration with a clearer layout, easy navigation via a ‘new files’ button, and multi-line descriptions for better organization and detailed documentation. Learn more.  

User Management on Android Mobile App: Admins and Power Users can now manage domain users via the Egnyte Android app.  It offers full WebUI functionality like adding, modifying, and deactivating users, to enhance mobile efficiency and control. Learn more.  

Other Enhancements and Releases

Egnyte Sign - New Recipients and Fields UI: Egnyte Sign now has a new UI for recipients and fields, allowing requesters to conveniently assign fields to signers by selecting their names from a dropdown, streamlining the signing process. Learn more.  

Personalized Action Recommendations on iOS App: The release enhances user experience with personalized recommendations and actionable tips, helping users discover new functionalities and streamline workflows. For example, annotating a PDF may prompt exploring the PDF Page Editor. Learn more.  

New Share Link Options: The Desktop app ‘Core Share’ link experience has been significantly enhanced to match the WebUI functionality. Now users can access all sharing options directly in the app, eliminating the need for a web browser. Learn more.

Open Access Support for Whitelisting All Power Users Group: Egnyte customers can now whitelist the Egnyte All Power Users group, reducing open access detections. This helps administrators focus on critical issues and prevents unnecessary access and data sprawl in large user groups. Learn more.  

Opening Files/ Folders in the Egnyte Desktop App from WebUI (General Availability): Opening files or folders in the Egnyte Desktop App from the WebUI is now generally available.  This enhancement up-levels the file-access experience and streamlines workflows within the platform.  Learn more.  

Connected Folders from External Devices (Limited Availability): Users can now use Connected Folders with external devices like drives and SD cards for efficient work with large datasets on Solid-State Drive (SSD). Note limitations: Support for Apple File System (APFS) and Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT), and sync stops if the external drive is removed briefly; manual reconnection will be needed. Available for MacOS. Learn more.  

Support for AutoCAD Locks (Limited Availability): Support for DraWing Lock (DWL ) files is added, providing information about AutoCAD lock owners. This enhancement improves collaboration on AutoCAD files by clearly identifying who has locked corresponding drawing (DWG) files. Learn more.  

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