Niamh Conlon

Niamh Conlon

Meet Egnyte’s Data Security Experts at Google Next
August 17, 2023

Egnyte will be attending and speaking at Google Next on Aug. 29-31 in San Francisco.

Simplify File Sharing with Egnyte’s Outlook Integration
August 3, 2022

With Egntye’s new Microsoft Outlook integration, you can quickly and easily share files with people beyond our organization. Find out how it works.

Why You Should Build an Agile, Integrated Construction Tech Stack
November 16, 2021

Find out why a panel of industry experts say an integrated, agile tech stack is critical to productivity when shopping for AEC software.

Plug Construction Apps into a Central Environment with Egnyte
December 15, 2020

Egnyte’s secure governance solution allows today’s popular construction applications to plug into a central, secure common data environment.

Upgrade your Search Capabilities with Egnyte and BA Insight
December 4, 2020

Have you ever looked for a file but didn’t remember which application it was stored in? Did you perhaps wish the application had the same search capabilities as Google...

Egnyte and Procore Explore Construction Innovation at Groundbreak 2020
October 12, 2020

Technology has impacted all business sectors today and construction is no different. New technology tools have radically transformed how construction projects are managed and built...

Securely Growing Sales with Egnyte and Salesforce
October 2, 2020

Use Egnyte and Salesforce in concert for better sales team experiences. Find out how Egnyte can help you easily and securely collaborate on Salesforce data.

Improve Productivity with Egnyte and Microsoft Power Automate
August 28, 2020

Microsoft Power Automate can handle common, time-consuming tasks. See how it integrates with Egnyte to boost productivity and simplify tasks.

Power BI Data Connector Coming Soon to Beta
July 8, 2020

With Microsoft's growing library of 120+ free connectors, users get a complete picture for data-driven decision making. Connect directly to hundreds of on-premises and cloud data sources such as Dynamics 365, Azure SQL Database, Salesforce, Excel, and SharePoint. Egnyte will soon be a Data Connector option for Beta use, connect and get easy access to your Egnyte data to create dashboards, and reports in Power BI Desktop.

3 Ways To Easily Integrate Egnyte Content into Microsoft Teams
May 27, 2020

Now that we’ve also extended our integration to allow organizations to further use Egnyte as a default cloud storage option, users get the benefit of the Egnyte content platform with Microsoft’s productivity and collaboration tool...

A Modern Approach to Securely Share Brand Photos with Canto
May 11, 2020

Photos and other visual media files are essential tools that help brands communicate their vision, mission, and goals to the world.

🚧 Procore Integration 🚧 - Now GA
April 28, 2020

Egnyte is pleased to offer integration with Procore, a leading construction application that streamlines project management workflows. This integration is part of our ongoing efforts to help construction professionals use the apps they prefer through a secure, centralized content platform, which helps increase collaboration and boost productivity.

Egnyte Extends Integration with Microsoft Teams
April 20, 2020

Egnyte is committed to building an ecosystem of solutions that help organizations collaborate more effectively and securely. Our ongoing work with Microsoft Teams, which already includes Egnyte capabilities through Collaboration Tab and Messaging Extension, is an important part of this goal.

Egnyte Extends Integration with Microsoft Teams
April 20, 2020

Egnyte is committed to building an ecosystem of solutions that help organizations collaborate more effectively and securely. Our ongoing work with Microsoft Teams, which already includes Egnyte capabilities...

We’re Building a New CRM Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Beta Coming Soon
January 10, 2020

Customers are the cornerstone of any company, which is why customer relationship management (CRM) tools have become essential for today’s digital enterprise. With this in mind, Egnyte is building out integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as part of our ongoing efforts to extend our CRM integrations. Our Beta will be coming soon, so please check back!

Egnyte accelerates efficiency with new Microsoft Power Automate integration
December 9, 2019

At Egnyte, efficiency isn’t a marketing buzzword, it’s a commitment we make consistently for the greater benefit of our customers. So it’s with great pleasure and excitement that we’ve announced integration with Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Flow).

Fujitsu & Egnyte - A new way to scan
November 25, 2019

A document management and storage system is now a critical function of today’s digital enterprise. It helps centralize and organize files and data, maintain control and permissions of files, increases collaboration through secure file sharing, and more.

Do you use Microsoft Flow? We Are Looking for Microsoft Flow Beta Users!
November 5, 2019

The Microsoft Flow Integration will allow users to use Egnyte as a connector via Microsoft Flow. You can now connect Egnyte to over 220 applications within Microsoft and include Egnyte in your workflows in Flow.

Move Fast But Stop Breaking Things: Securing File Transfer Automation With Egnyte and Integromat
October 24, 2019

A little over a decade ago, Facebook’s motto “move fast and break things” was all the rage. Suddenly, every company seemed eager to start risking something (and in some cases, everything) in order to advance, disrupt, and innovate.

4 Top Benefits of the GoFormz & Egnyte Integration
October 7, 2019

Despite the overwhelming number of digital solutions now available to the modern workplace, businesses still face a paper problem. Many companies rely on a combination of paper forms, spreadsheets, and cloud storage solutions to capture, process, and store critical business information.

Expectations and Compliance Requirements have Evolved for Financial Services Companies
October 3, 2019

Customer expectations and compliance requirements have evolved beyond traditional CRM capabilities, and in today’s digital world, having the right tools that build a robust ecosystem can help you scale. Practifi has partnered with Egnyte to bring compliance and collaboration to Practifi’s business management platform powering growing financial advice firms around the world.

Building a Better Workflow: Procore and Egnyte for the Construction Industry
September 17, 2019

The construction industry is a field that requires a tremendous amount of collaboration. On any given day, a superintendent or foreman will read, revise, and share project-specific drawings, RFIs, submittals, change orders, and photos...

3 Reasons Businesses Prefer G Suite for Collaboration
May 15, 2019

Collaboration is the lifeblood of business. It is how we facilitate information flow between individuals and teams, it has a direct impact on productivity, and at the end of the day, it dictates the success...

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