4 Top Benefits of the GoFormz & Egnyte Integration

Despite the overwhelming number of digital solutions now available to the modern workplace, businesses still face a paper problem. Many companies rely on a combination of paper forms, spreadsheets, and cloud storage solutions to capture, process, and store critical business information. This patchwork combination not only presents a variety of opportunities for human error, but also wastes valuable time. Handwritten paper documents are fraught with errors, and the handing-in/collections process is time consuming and unreliable (e.g. manual form delivery, mailing forms, etc). Completed paper forms also require additional time spent rekeying information into spreadsheets, manually scanning forms into computer systems, and filing forms in physical storage.

The GoFormz and Egnyte integration empowers teams to streamline their data collection, form completion, and record-keeping. With GoFormz, it’s easy to digitize your forms for use on phones, tablets, and computers. Your digitized forms can look exactly like your existing paper forms – significantly streamlining user onboarding and increasing professionalism. You  don’t need additional training to use the mobile forms because they look exactly like the old forms your teams use. Your digital forms can host powerful new data types like images, maps, gps, and sketches, as well as electronic signatures and barcode data. Mobile forms can even be equipped with logic, enforcing data capture rules and ensuring critical approvals and information are input prior to form submission.

With Egnyte acting as your digital filing cabinet, GoFormz mobile forms can be easily and instantly stored to corresponding folders, resulting in a variety of end-user benefits. Here are four key benefits of leveraging the GoFormz and Egnyte integration:

Accelerated form completion and data capture

Your digitized forms can host dynamic fields connected to your data collections, allowing users to instantly populate corresponding fields based on input data. For example, if a user selected their department from a dropdown menu, the corresponding contact information, supervisor information, and more, could be instantly filled based on the selection. Similarly, features like instant calculations and form totals can be completed and entered far more rapidly and accurately. With faster data capture and instant access to real-time data, your team can effortlessly improve efficiencies and increase business agility.

Automated form processing and storage

The GoFormz and Egnyte integration allows users to instantly route completed mobile forms to corresponding Egnyte folders based on data input into forms. This automation eliminates the need for back-office filing, saving your team time. For example, if a sales representative completes an invoice for a customer by entering ‘Western Manufacturing’ into the Company Name field, a PDF of the completed form can be instantly uploaded to a ‘Western Manufacturing’ folder within Egnyte.

Centralized record-keeping

Storing your completed mobile forms in Egnyte effortlessly centralizes record-keeping, allowing teams to store and access their forms from the field – no manual-handoffs required! Leveraging Egnyte’s search capabilities, completed mobile forms can be easily located and instantly accessed, wherever and whenever needed.

Reduced administrative overhead

Without the need for physical storage resources, like filing cabinets and printing supplies, GoFormz and Egnyte quickly reduce administrative overhead – a big bonus for your bottom-line.

Check out this quick integration overview to learn more:


To get started with the GoFormz and Egnyte integration, sign up for a free trial of GoFormz, or reach out to us at sales@goformz.com.

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Niamh Conlon

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