Upgrade your Search Capabilities with Egnyte and BA Insight

Have you ever looked for a file but didn’t remember which application it was stored in? Did you perhaps wish the application had the same search capabilities as Google?

As internet search continues to evolve and provide a better user experience, business leaders are mired with complaints because their knowledge workers search “store-by-store” and can’t find what they are looking for inside their organization’s file share or cloud-content repositories. This frustrates employees, creates a poor experience, has a negative impact on productivity and leads to IT workarounds and shadow IT that cause data security and governance risk.

Egnyte for BA Insights from Egnyte on Vimeo.

Analyst firms and organizations have conducted studies and analyzed data to try to better understand the productivity loss that occurs when employees cannot find the information needed to do their jobs. The amount of time that is being wasted is eye opening.

For example:

  • Employees spend 1.8 hours every day searching and gathering information (McKinsey)
  • 61 percent of knowledge workers regularly access four or more systems to get the information they need to do their jobs, 30 percent access seven or more, and 15 percent access across 11-plus systems (IDC)
  • 57 percent of employees state that difficulty finding the right information is a top contributor to lagging productivity (8×8).

Egnyte and BA Insight have teamed up to help alleviate these common concerns. Egnyte’s unified platform connects internal and third-party content repositories for a single view into all content. BA Insight provides unparalleled search experiences that deliver highly relevant and personalized results. Our combined technologies provide your users with internet-like search to more easily find information that spread across your organization.

By bringing internet-level search to the enterprise, the value of intranet and digital transformation projects are maximized. Effective search means better usability so users can find things more quickly. This translates into better productivity and greater satisfaction for users.

With the integration with Egnyte and BA Insight, the complexity of search is solved by:

  • Combining search results from Egnyte and more than 80 other sources for a unified search experience
  • Enabling your employees to search for enterprise content directly within Egnyte
  • Delivering personalized information through natural language query and ML-based recommendations
  • Providing instant previews of entire documents, regardless of location
  • Providing a personalized, relevant, and mobile-ready search experience for all users

Knowing what content you have and where it exists, is essential for IT to govern, legal to ensure compliance, and end users to find files. Egnyte helps by providing classification and governance across a range of different repositories.

With the combination of Egnyte and BA insight, users experience an internet-like search capability so they can find what they need – turning frustrated employees into productive teams who can tap business knowledge just by asking.

Learn more by visiting https://www.bainsight.com/enterprise-search-for-egnyte/.

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