A Modern Approach to Securely Share Brand Photos with Canto

Photos and other visual media files are essential tools that help  brands communicate their vision, mission, and goals to the world.  

However, far too often photos end up scattered on multiple computers and across various sharing platforms and cloud storage systems with very little organization structure.

You Can’t Share Files You Cannot Find

Invariably, your teams will need to use imagery for marketing campaigns or to gain support for a variety of different projects.

But what happens if you can’t find the photos you want? The need for a simple photo often leads to a string of emails and chat messages to designers, photographers, marketers, IT -- anyone who might have knowledge about which folders, drives, naming structures, dates and other key information to help find the right image.

Automated Tagging Simplifies Image Management

There is an easier, more efficient way to manage your brand’s vast bank of visual content.

With Egnyte’s integration with Canto, you can put everything into a central library and organize your content with tags, keywords, and other descriptive metadata to make finding photos easier. The advanced categorization and search functionality includes automated smart-tagging and facial recognition!

Make Sharing Visual and Simple

Once content is organized and tagged, team members can easily search the entire library,  or only a subset of approved images that are defined. They can also specific files by sending one-off links.

Canto is also a highly visual platform that allows organizations to share previews of hi-resolution images and videos to customers without the need to download locally.

Egnyte and Canto allows for bi-directional push and pull between the two systems, and fast, efficient global delivery of files anywhere in the world.

See it in Action

Check out a sneak preview of how Canto and Egnyte work together to help your teams share content efficiently.

For more information or to get started, visit: https://www.canto.com/integrations/egnyte/

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Niamh Conlon

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