Expectations and Compliance Requirements have Evolved for Financial Services Companies

Customer expectations and compliance requirements have evolved beyond traditional CRM capabilities, and in today’s digital world, having the right tools that build a robust ecosystem can help you scale. Practifi has partnered with Egnyte to bring compliance and collaboration to Practifi’s business management platform powering growing financial advice firms around the world.

The financial services industry is one of the most regulated industries in the world. With Practifi, RIAs, family offices, broker-dealers and other financial services organizations get a business management platform tailored specifically for financial advice. It provides ease of use for managing pipelines, automating workflows, and monitoring for compliance, all while building deep client relationships, effortlessly. You can learn more about Practifi’s product features here.

Practifi’s integration with Egnyte provides a safe and secure way to access all client documents and information directly on the client record. The collaboration capabilities allow workers to  @mention team members and assign tasks directly from the files. This functionality enables individuals to be more proficient as they carry out their day-to-day responsibilities.

For example EP Wealth Advisors is a fast-growing wealth advisory firm supporting private and small business clients throughout the United States. The company grew from $1 billion in assets under management to $5 billion and now employs over 120 people in nine offices across the U.S.

With significant growth across multiple locations, efficient processes were vital to the company’s continued success. To achieve this, EP Wealth chose Practifi to move its CRM system into the cloud and combined its business management tools and capabilities with Egnyte’s document management solution.

“We knew we wanted to bring our CRM and document management solutions together...Having to flip between CRM and document management systems wasn’t an option,” said Aaron Solorzano, Director of Information Technology at EP Wealth.

Practifi and Egnyte provide a streamlined solution that helps EP Wealth save time and energy.  

“Time is the biggest saving. We no longer have multiple applications to log into,” Solorzano said. “Clients' records and files are now accessible from a single screen, and we don’t have to go through an entire folder structure to nail down data. The integration does it for us.”

Egnyte and Practifi  provided a powerful new platform that helped EP Wealth scale their business. New processes and efficiencies continue to help the company grow.

To learn more, check out Practifi’s blog here.

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