Move Fast But Stop Breaking Things: Securing File Transfer Automation With Egnyte and Integromat

A little over a decade ago, Facebook’s motto “move fast and break things” was all the rage. Suddenly, every company seemed eager to start risking something (and in some cases, everything) in order to advance, disrupt, and innovate.

Back then, the social media giant’s success acted as proof that caution should be put aside to favor the development of market-changing products and services.

With a focus on change and efficiency, entire industries were reshaped: transportation, home entertainment, communications, you name it. And things - lots of them - were broken in the process.

Ransoms, Leaks, Breaches: When Stakes Become Too High

In the early part of this decade, faith in disruption coated companies with a false sense of security, which in turn led to a severe under appreciation of risk. Needless to say, the “hall pass years” have gone away.

After witnessing countless companies getting hacked and troves of data breached and leaked, a newfound respect for safety is emerging -- both at the personal and enterprise levels.

Today investors, partners, and users expect (and in some cases demand) products and services that guarantee the safety of data at every level. When it comes to product development and company growth, mavericks are losing ground to level-headed managers.

On the other hand, an important number of companies have not picked up the glove yet. It shows in the presence of left-for-dead data silos, in the attachment to legacy data processing systems, and in dubious data transfer standards.

A question often asked is: How can we align last decade’s efficiency levels with next decade’s security requirements. One answer can be found in products like Egnyte and Integromat — a free tool to connect apps and automate workflows using a beautiful, no-code visual builder. Companies can connect to any API and create complex integrations using built-in apps and tools, without the need for coding.

Dangerous, Inefficient, and Hiding In Plain Sight

Finding efficient and secure ways to store and transfer data is easy, if you know where to look.

Take email, for example. The average worker spends a third of the workweek using email -- around 11 hours. The problem is email is one of the biggest sources of company risk, thanks to the widespread presence of scam tactics such as phishing and identity theft.

It turns out email is a great place to start if you want to augment efficiency, productivity, and security at the same time.

A solution is to use secure email automation  from Egnyte and Integromat.

Automatically Send Emails To Corresponding Teams and Individuals

Emails that contain sensitive information are prevalent today, making this integration useful for a large number of companies. In addition, an important number of fields are bound to comply with industry-specific regulations that require secure storage and transfer of data. So even if some emails do not contain sensitive data, management standards will require a specific degree of compliance.

To connect Integromat and Egnyte, you will need to create accounts for both services. Then you can use and combine the following types of Integromat modules:

  • Triggers (watch events, watch files)
  • Actions (copy files, move files, lock/unlock files, etc.)
  • Searches (list files in a folder, retrieve links)

You can combine these modules with other Integromat modules and create automated workflows (known as scenarios) that suit your needs.

For email, you can set up a simple scenario that does the following:

1. When a file is uploaded to the Egnyte cloud, Integromat checks if the file contains a specific word. Then, it searches for project names, associated team members, and related email addresses.

2. All the corresponding emails will receive a link to the file in question.

3. If a password has been set in advance, it is generated by Egnyte and sent separately through Slack. It can also be sent in person as well, or it can be shared using a different app - flexibility is king!

4. When the recipient accesses the file, the administrator will be notified via email that the link was accessed by the recipient (every recipient gets a different link, but the files have the same password). The admin can also set up expiration dates for the links.

The full automation scenario will look like this on Integromat:

This allows you to automate and secure countless file sharing processes. For more information, please look at the Egnyte manual on Integromat’s support center, and visit Egnyte’s integrations page for every trigger, action, and search supported by Integromat.

As a result:

  • Team members will spend a lot less time tinkering with email
  • Risk levels associated with using email will decrease
  • Your teams will have more time to focus on what really matters and increase productivity

When it comes to implementing automation, remember that automated workflows are only as good as their security standards!

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Niamh Conlon

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