Fujitsu & Egnyte - A new way to scan

A document management and storage system is now a critical function of today’s digital enterprise. It helps centralize and organize files and data, maintain control and permissions of files, increases collaboration through secure file sharing, and more.

While numerous options exist for document management and storage, some are complex and challenging to implement. That’s why Fujitsu and Egnyte partnered to help simplify document management and storage.

Document scanning is the on-ramp to digital transformation and is the first step in a smart, organized document management solution. Now the Fujitsu fi-7300NX document scanner with PaperStream NX Manager and Easy NX Connect for Egnyte make document scanning, management, and storage simple.

The Fujitsu fi-7300NX is the latest and most innovative scanner in its category, featuring multiple connectivity options including Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The scanner includes its own server -- NX Manager-- that enables PC-less scanning and integrates with an organization’s chosen cloud or on-premise platform. The Easy NX Connect for Egnyte streamlines the deployment process with an add-on authentication and connector package.

It includes NFC authentication and direct integration into Egnyte’s Enterprise File Sharing and Content Governance platform. The fi-7300NX software driver, PaperStream IP, radically cleans up images and produces a better image than the original! This ensures better OCR performance, metadata tagging, and indexing that  helps with document searching and retrieval.

By leveraging the PC-less scanning functionality, organizations can cut costs associated with PC hardware and IT support.  Additionally, Wi-Fi connectivity helps simplify scanner and application deployment, relocation, and management, all from a central location.

Easy NX Connect for Egnyte Features:

  • Quick and direct Egnyte login using an NFC Card or PIN
  • Scan into secure, sharable workflows with centralized data governance
  • Enable secure file sharing capability and access to content delivered at hyper-speed, regardless of file size, location, device, or bandwidth
  • Reduce infrastructure costs by moving to the cloud

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Niamh Conlon

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