Building a Better Workflow: Procore and Egnyte for the Construction Industry

The construction industry is a field that requires a tremendous amount of collaboration. On any given day, a superintendent or foreman will read, revise, and share project-specific drawings, RFIs, submittals, change orders, and photos.

With Egnyte and Procore, project managers can now review, revise, share, and approve of any needed documents captured by foremen and superintendents. And they can do it on mobile devices, laptops, or tablets. This wasn’t always the case, as foremen and superintendents would previously spend a significant amount of time in the trailer dealing with these documents manually.

Procore is a leading construction-based project management tool designed to increase project efficiency by streamlining the project management workflow. With Egnyte and Procore, construction organizations get the full functionality of Procore with Egnyte’s secure file sharing and content governance features.

The days of relying on using paper documents that are transported from site to site are over. Now, a project manager can share drawings, schedule updates, field progress reports easily, since they are stored in one central repository. Instead of transporting drawing sets to and from a jobsite, they can be instantly accessed on a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Drag and drop functionality makes it easy to send files. Users can select documents directly from their desktop and/or email attachments and drop them into Egnyte. The files are then automatically synced to Procore for simple use. This helps eliminate mistakes, confusion, and stray documents buried in email threads.

Since documentation is securely stored in a central repository with Egnyte and Procore, this helps not only with both data retention, but closeout of a project. A closeout can take months or even years to complete, but with organized documentation, this process can be expedited and help secure retention funding more quickly.

With Procore and Egnyte, the construction industry has a better way to work that replaces the outdated, manual approach to accessing, changing, and reviewing files. Those working on complex construction projects have a repository that acts as a single source of truth, making it easier to share and collaborate from anywhere. There is a better way to work on complex construction projects and it’s through Procore and Egnyte.

To learn more about our integration with Procore visit the Egnyte for Procore page.

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Niamh Conlon

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