5 Reasons Why You Need to Review Your Data Privacy Policy Now
December 27, 2022

Learn why you should review and update your company's data privacy policy.

Neil Jones
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Unifying Construction Documents with Procore and Egnyte
October 11, 2022

Egnyte’s native integration with Procore delivers an advanced solution for unifying project documents, allowing field teams to access any document, from anywhere, with just about any device.

Joëlle Colosi
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Unifying Project Data at All Phases with Egnyte and Autodesk
September 16, 2022

Learn how unifying project data can help your team work more efficiently and improve communication across all phases of a building project.

Joëlle Colosi
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Simplify File Sharing with Egnyte’s Outlook Integration
August 3, 2022

With Egntye’s new Microsoft Outlook integration, you can quickly and easily share files with people beyond our organization. Find out how it works.

Niamh Conlon
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July Product Rollup: Web Redesign, Snapshot Recovery, and More
July 29, 2022

Check out updates to the Egnyte UI, as well as improvements to search, snapshot-based ransomware recovery, the Quality App for Life Sciences, and more.

Rosie Fan
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It’s Time for a Federal Data Privacy Law in the U.S.
June 16, 2022

One in 10 states will be covered by data privacy laws by 2023. Here’s why federal data privacy legislation would be good for consumers and businesses.

Jeff Sizemore
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Automate Data Mapping for GDPR and Other Data Privacy Laws
June 9, 2022

If your company collects large volumes of digital information, data mapping for GDPR and other data privacy laws is critical if you want to remain compliant.

Travis Lee
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Data Privacy Laws Impact Every Business—Including Yours
June 7, 2022

Data privacy laws don't just apply to businesses in heavily regulated industries. Find out more about the growing list of regulations and why they matter to your business.

Neil Jones
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May Product Rollup: UI Redesign, Compliance Controls, and More
May 31, 2022

Find out about all the latest update Egnyte made to its platform in May, including UI improvements and new capabilities for AEC and life sciences users.

Rosie Fan
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A Better Approach to Data Privacy with Truyo and Egnyte
October 26, 2021

Learn about the benefits of using Truyo and Egnyte to quickly search structured and unstructured data to meet compliance regulations and save money.

David Buster
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Integrate Egnyte and Sumo Logic for Greater Data Insights
October 20, 2021

Egnyte integrates with Sumo Logic to provide insights from all Egnyte and other data sources, which helps discover and track operational and security incidents.

David Buster
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3 Ways Egnyte Helps Life Sciences Companies Leverage the Cloud
October 19, 2021

See how Egnyte pairs with AWS and Microsoft Azure to helps life sciences companies securely move data to and from the public cloud.

Rafi Cohen
Sr. Director, Products
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Why—and How—Managed Service Providers Need to Evolve
September 22, 2021

MSPs are always adapting to change, but never more so than now. See how you can modernize your practices to keep pace and boost your business at the same time.

Cristina Carretero
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Collaborate Seamlessly with Egnyte and Google Workspace
September 13, 2021

Egnyte integrates with Google Workspaces to combine ease of use with robust classification, governance and policy management.

David Buster
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Securely Growing Sales with Egnyte and Salesforce
October 2, 2020

Use Egnyte and Salesforce in concert for better sales team experiences. Find out how Egnyte can help you easily and securely collaborate on Salesforce data.

Niamh Conlon
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