Integrate Egnyte and Sumo Logic for Greater Data Insights

Third-party integrations are vital tools for expanding the capabilities of the Egnyte platform. Today, we’re excited to share a little more about how our partnership with Sumo Logic helps businesses get better, faster security insights from their data.

Sumo Logic is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based service that collects, manages, and analyzes log data from all systems in the enterprise. Their processing and analytics capabilities combine to provide real-time operational insights across critical applications and infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud. When used as a security information and event manager (SIEM), Sumo Logic extends those insights to security issues, as well.

By collecting log data from disparate systems, Sumo Logic provides a real-time way for security professionals to discover and track operational and security incidents across the entire infrastructure, regardless of where the log data resides. Through our integration, that coverage extends to the Egnyte platform and all its associated data sources.

Get Egnyte’s Sumo Logic Application

Egnyte's integration with Sumo Logic provides insights into the overall incidents that are identified and raised by Egnyte's solution. Egnyte also analyzes the severity of issues, so you can focus on incidents that are most critical to your organization. In parallel, Sumo Logic administrators can track enterprise-wide incidents that are prioritized by the Egnyte platform, and then correlate that information with events from other systems. 

A view of Egnyte alerts, as seen through Sumo Logic.

Integrate the Platforms to Detect Threats

Configuring the integration is simple. Egnyte has provided a simple script that connects Egnyte to Sumo Logic in just a few minutes. Once the systems are authenticated to each other, a confirmation screen then verifies the connection, and information on Egnyte issues and events is sent to Sumo Logic so analysis can begin immediately.

The Sumo Logic system pulls "issues” from the Egnyte platform. Those issues are surfaced using Egnyte’s advanced AI to detect and classify sensitive information and Egnyte’s machine learning capabilities to detect unusual behavior. Examples of issues detected and reported by the Egnyte platform through Sumo Logic (and the potential threat) include:

  • Empty or unused groups (permissions) 
  • Open access, external sharing, and public links (data exposure)
  • Probable ransomware (potential cybersecurity attacks)
  • Suspicious logins and unusual access (intruder detection)

See the Value of Insight Into Security Issues

By themselves, data security issues provide a full view of potential areas of concern within the Egnyte platform and its associated data sources. However, when issues are prioritized and integrated into Sumo Logic, they support a comprehensive cybersecurity vulnerability and threat analysis across your entire infrastructure.

This helps security analysts to identify system-wide indicators of compromise (IOCs) and prioritize areas of concern for further analysis. The integration of Egnyte and Sumo Logic is yet another example of Egnyte’s commitment to a defense-in-concert approach to data security. 

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