July Product Rollup: Web Redesign, Snapshot Recovery, and More

For this month’s product rollup, we’re excited to update you on our Egnyte UI redesign. We’ll also highlight improvements to search and snapshot-based ransomware recovery, as well as additions to our Quality App for Life Sciences and more. 


Web UI Redesign. Egnyte is getting a fresh new look! Changes will be released in the Egnyte web application every few weeks. This month, milestones 5.5 and 6 of this project have been completed, including:

  • A reduced font size so more information can be displayed on each page
  • A row separator for improved user experience
  • An updated design for links, workflows and tasks, and file preview.

For more information on this project, including milestones and expected release dates, check out the helpdesk article.

Improvements to Search. Users can now narrow search criteria to specific file or folder attributes such as file name or folder name and exclude other attributes such as file contents by navigating to “Content” in the “Advanced Search” menu. For more information, check out the helpdesk article.

Security and Governance

Snapshot-Based Ransomware Recovery Improvements. The snapshot mounting UI has been improved to be more intuitive. Currently mounted snapshots and snapshots being previewed are clearly delineated from mount history. Users will now be able to remount an unmounted snapshot more easily, and context-sensitive informational text is also available to guide users through the workflow. For more information, read this helpdesk article.

Life Sciences

Quality App: Source File Download. Quality App Admins can now enable source document download for a document subcategory. When enabled, users with access to a document can download the document in its original format or as a signed PDF rendition. When disabled, users can only download the signed PDF rendition. To learn more, read this helpdesk article.

Quality App: Document List Export. Category Managers and Quality App Admin users can now export the list of documents to a CSV file based on the options selected from the Category and Status filters. To learn more, read this helpdesk article.


Quality App: Reason for Obsolete Document. Category Managers and Quality App Admin users will now be required to enter the reason for making a document obsolete while changing the effective or future effective document status to obsolete. To learn more, read this helpdesk article.


Desktop App Lite for Mac is now Desktop App Core. A new Desktop App, Desktop App Core, was created to resolve app deployment and freezing issues on Apple Silicon devices and is now available to all users. Desktop App Core was built on Apple’s new technology, the File Provider framework, to allow for tighter integration with macOS and an improved user experience. 

Please note that Desktop App Core will only run on macOS Monterey. Certain functionality on Desktop App such as offline folder sync and connected folders, search and recent files within the widget, Microsoft co-editing, and more are not yet available on Desktop App Core. For a full list of current issues and limitations, read this helpdesk article.

Improved Connectivity Tests for Desktop App Windows 3.14.4. New cloud-based settings for creation of API endpoints and hard-coded IP addresses will help better catalog connectivity-related issues. To learn more, check out this helpdesk article.

Version Control for DWG and DGN Files for Desktop App Windows 3.14.4. Version control for DWG and DGN files has now been released.


Upload Files to Egnyte using Egnyte for Microsoft Outlook Add-In. Now users can upload files from a device to your Egnyte domain from Outlook for Web, Windows, or Mac. File upload size is set to 100 MB max, and files cannot be uploaded to a root folder, “Shared,” or “Private” folders. For more information, read this helpdesk article.

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