Eliminate Information Gaps Between Teams with Procore and Egnyte

Easy and effective collaboration is a critical success factor for today's fast-paced construction projects. However, with multiple stakeholders deployed across various cloud platforms, document versions, and unreliable job site connectivity, finding and sharing project information can be challenging. 

Egnyte and Procore, two well-known industry cloud solutions, are working together to eliminate the information gap problem between managing projects and accessing the right documents at the right time. Procore offers a range of project management tools that make it easy to delegate tasks, track progress, and collaborate with team members. Egnyte enables secure file access and sharing, ensuring that all parties have access to the right project documentation.

This blog explains how these critical cloud solutions together can greatly improve team efficiency and productivity.


Construction firms often struggle with ensuring that the information stored in their construction management software matches the actual project folders and files deployed on the job. The most common fix is dedicating a human resource to ensure that all project stakeholders have access to the correct information. However, if that resource fails, or is late to do their job, then project folders and files may not be updated as needed, resulting in project teams working from inaccurate data, leading to rework and lost project time.


Procore and Egnyte remove the need for the ‘middleman’ by offering a seamless two-way sync between systems. This means that documents can be accessed in both Procore and Egnyte, ensuring that everyone has access to the same files regardless of their location. An Egnyte Folder can be synchronized with Procore's Project Documents section in near-real-time using webhooks to trigger syncing whenever a "create" or "update" event occurs. Tasks like renaming, moving, and delta running are updated hourly. Working together, these solutions ensure business integrity by making the correct files available to project stakeholders in a timely manner.


Combining the power of Procore and Egnyte delivers a multitude of benefits:

  1. Streamlined project management - Eliminates manual data entry and reduces miscommunications leading to greater productivity and efficiency. 
  2. Increased visibility - Enhances construction coordination and reduces errors by improving the visibility of non-Procore users into Egnyte’s unified document repository. 
  3. Eased project information sharing - Enables project information sharing and collaboration across multiple platforms, including other industry applications, and contributes to streamlined processes and improved efficiencies.
  4. Secured sensitive project data - A secure system minimizes the risk of data breaches, which can be costly in terms of finances and reputation.

Learn more about the Procore and Egnyte solution by watching the on-demand webinar Unifying Construction Project Data for All Stakeholders and discover how Talisen Construction Corporation is streamlining its construction processes.

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