Streamline Design Workflows With Egnyte’s Smart Cache v4.0 and Revit Worksharing

Revit worksharing with Egnyte’s Smart Cache v4.0 can help streamline the design process by allowing multiple designers and architects to work together in real-time. This feature improves accuracy, speed, and flexibility, thereby reducing costly miscommunications that tend to slow down project progress.


Design collaboration on Revit files can present several challenges for architects and designers alike. While the software offers many tools and functionalities to facilitate teamwork, the sheer complexity of large-scale projects can make collaboration difficult. Managing different versions of the same file, coordinating the work across multiple contributors, and ensuring consistency and accuracy with diverse design elements are just some of the obstacles that can negatively impact project productivity.


Smart Cache v4.0 with a Windows native drive letter feature is a game-changer for architects and designers who rely on network drives to access their Autodesk Revit files. Collaboration with design teams is streamlined, as a network drive letter can easily access files from laptops allowing individual designers and architects to save precious time and energy. Whether working individually or as part of a team, Smart Cache v4.0 is essential for all architects and designers looking to improve their productivity and efficiency.

For optimal use it's necessary for all Revit users to be in the same physical office for worksharing setup. First, connect the Revit users' network drive letter to Egnyte’s Smart Cache device. After setup, users can create their Revit central models using Smart Cache and work on their local models. The Revit worksharing feature allows seamless communication between the local and central models. Revit-lock requests change to the central model.


When working together on Revit projects, Smart Cache v4.0 provides several advantages, including:

  1. Intelligently save only the required Revit files in the cache
  2. Prevent users from unintentionally modifying the central model in the cloud or other office locations
  3. Update file updates only in areas where Smart Cache is installed
  4. Enable real-time synchronization of local models with the Revit central mode

When considering the perfect balance between flexibility and performance, combining Smart Cache v4.0 and single-site Revit tools to offer remote collaboration is the key to success. These tools help improve user productivity and enhance overall project quality, ultimately, enabling design firms to perform at their highest potential.

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