May Release Rollup: Issue Auto-Remediation, eTMF – Optional Artifacts and Automatic Milestones, and More
May 31, 2024

Learn more about Egnyte's product updates and enhancements released in the month of May. From Issue Auto-Remediation, eTMF – optional artifacts and automatic milestones, to importing credentials from the desktop app for Microsoft Co-editing. Below is a summary of these and other new releases.

Sanjay Kosuri
Product Marketing Manager
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Why Biotech Needs A Next Generation of eTMF Software
May 24, 2024

Leah Weitz
Sr Product Manager, Life Sciences - Clinical
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3 Reasons To Attend Egnyte and Google Cloud's Life Science Summit
April 15, 2024

Abhay Kini
Practice Leader of Life Sciences at Egnyte
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Navigating the Multi-Layered Landscape of Data Governance in Life Sciences
April 11, 2024

Cat Hall
Head of GXP Quality Assurance
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Protecting Sensitive Data with Egnyte in Today’s Threat Environment
December 12, 2023

Learn how to maximize the value of your data while reducing risk with Egnyte.

Dawid Balut
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4 Reasons Why SMBs Need To Prioritize Cybersecurity
October 2, 2023

Egnyte's Neil Jones offers 4 practical approaches SMBs can use to improve their cybersecurity protection and reduce the threat of ransomware.

Neil Jones
Director, Cybersecurity Evangelism
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How to Make the Business Case for ISO 27001 Compliance
June 8, 2023

In this blog, Linda Baker from The Wyanoke Group discusses how she made the case for ISO 27001 certification at her company.

Linda Baker
Chief Information Officer, The Wyanoke Group
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May Product Innovation: Updates for BIM Files, Connected Folders, and More
May 31, 2023

May's product updates feature BIM file search and preview, connected folders, folder and file type-scoped Metadata and more. Read on.

Sanjay Kosuri
Product Marketing Manager
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Automate the ISO 27001 Compliance Process
May 1, 2023

In this blog, Egnyte's Chief Governance Officer Jeff Sizemore and Cybersecurity Evangelist Neil Jones explain how you can automate ISO 27001 compliance at your organization.

Neil Jones
Director, Cybersecurity Evangelism
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Six Key Drivers for ISO 27001 Certification
April 3, 2023

In this blog, Egnyte expert Praneeta Paradkar outlines 6 key drivers for organizations' ISO 27001 certification efforts.

Praneeta Paradkar
Director of Product Management
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8 Ways to Maintain Data Security While Preserving Employees' Privacy
March 16, 2023

Learn how to balance data security requirements with employees' personal privacy needs.

Neil Jones
Director, Cybersecurity Evangelism
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5 Reasons Why You Need to Review Your Data Privacy Policy Now
December 27, 2022

Learn why you should review and update your company's data privacy policy.

Neil Jones
Director, Cybersecurity Evangelism
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In 2023, What Trends Will Dominate Cybersecurity?
December 20, 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, Egnyte’s Director of Cybersecurity Evangelism Neil Jones shares his cybersecurity predictions for the new year.

Neil Jones
Director, Cybersecurity Evangelism
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November Product Rollup: Updates in Secure & Govern, Mobile and More
November 30, 2022

November saw further enhancements to our user experience with an updated nav in Collaboration, a new Secure & Govern dashboard, AutoCAD previews in mobile and more.

Rosie Fan
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How Cybersecurity Checklists Keep Cyber Insurance Costs Manageable
November 2, 2022

Cyber insurers are looking for key elements in the policy renewal process, and a cybersecurity checklist provides you with a good starting point.

Lynn Ambrose
VP of Executive Risk and Cyber Team Lead at The Plexus Groupe
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Top Tips in Honor of National Insider Threat Awareness Month
September 30, 2022

For National Insider Threat Awareness Month, Egnyte's security and governance experts provide tips that all organizations can follow to avoid damage from an insider threat.

Egnyte Corporate Communications
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Top 5 Hidden Costs of SharePoint Online
August 24, 2022

Considering SharePoint Online for your file server? It’s included in a Microsoft 365 subscription, but it’s far from free. Discover the hidden costs that come with SharePoint.

Aaron Froberg
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Report: Data Explosion in AEC Reveals Major Management Challenges
August 15, 2022

AEC firms are using more files and storing more data than ever. Find out how Egnyte's 3,000 AEC customers are using the platform with this preview of Egnyte's AEC Data Insights Report.

Joëlle Colosi
Product Marketing Manager
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Empower Users to Securely Access and Share Data
August 11, 2022

Find out why data security and governance requires a team effort, and learn how to empower your users to do their part.

Travis Lee
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7 Ways to Jump-Start Your Incident Response
July 21, 2022

In the first of a two-part series, learn practical steps you can take to optimize your response and recover quicker.

Neil Jones
Director, Cybersecurity Evangelism
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Egnyte Roadmap Points to Even Simpler, More Secure Collaboration
July 15, 2022

Get your first look at some of the exciting roadmap items planned to go live on the Egnyte platform in the back half of 2022.

Trevor Jones
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How to Prevent Out-of-Bounds Document Sharing with Egnyte
June 27, 2022

Learn how Egnyte can help you empower users to collaborate while ensuring your company’s sensitive data is still secure.

David Buster
Product Marketing, Security and Governance
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It’s Time for a Federal Data Privacy Law in the U.S.
June 16, 2022

One in 10 states will be covered by data privacy laws by 2023. Here’s why federal data privacy legislation would be good for consumers and businesses.

Jeff Sizemore
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Automate Data Mapping for GDPR and Other Data Privacy Laws
June 9, 2022

If your company collects large volumes of digital information, data mapping for GDPR and other data privacy laws is critical if you want to remain compliant.

Travis Lee
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