January Release Rollup: AI-Driven Document Summaries and Q&A - ‘Ask’ Tab, Advanced Watermarking and More
January 31, 2024

Egnyte's January Rollup covers product updates and enhancements including AI-driven Document Summaries and Q&A - ‘Ask’ Tab, Advanced Watermarking, and Share File and Folder Links.

Sanjay Kosuri
Product Marketing Manager
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How Egnyte Metadata Supports DLP Integration
January 18, 2024

This article explains how users can leverage AI to attach metadata labels to files and how they can be used inside and outside of Egnyte.

David Buster
Product Marketing, Security and Governance
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Under the Hood of Egnyte’s AI Engine
November 1, 2023

In this blog, Egnyte explains its deep experience with AI technologies and outlines the architecture that makes it powerful, flexible, and secure.

Amrit Jassal
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Three Ways to Use Egnyte’s New “Document Q&A” Service
September 4, 2023

Egnyte has recently rolled out new AI features designed to enhance the user experience and accelerate productivity by providing smart and intuitive ways to interact with documents. These capabilities allow users to extract value from documents in new and innovative ways, and this blog focuses on one of the most powerful features - AI enabled document query.

David Buster
Product Marketing, Security and Governance
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July Release Rollup: AI Document Summarization, Smart Cache and More
July 31, 2023

Get the latest product updates and enhancements from Egnyte around AI, Smart Cache, Project Dashboard and more.

Sanjay Kosuri
Product Marketing Manager
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Introducing the Next Generation of AI at Egnyte
July 26, 2023

Egnyte announces the next generation of AI-powered solutions for platform users.

David Spitz
Chief Strategy Officer
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AI at Egnyte: The First Ten Years
July 17, 2023

Delve into Egnyte's tryst with AI for the past ten years.

Vineet Jain
Founder & CEO
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Eight Things to Consider if You're Considering ChatGPT
February 27, 2023

If you are thinking about deploying ChatGPT in small- to medium-sized businesses, Egnyte has 8 things for small to medium-sized businesses that are considering using ChatGPT.

Herb Roitblat
Lead Data Scientist
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