Rosie Fan

Rosie Fan

February Product Rollup: Search Queries, Smart Upload, and More
February 28, 2023

This February, our platform enhancements will delight our customers with saved search queries, Smart Upload for Android, desktop updates, and more.

January Product Rollup: Life Sciences, Mobile App Updates and More
January 31, 2023

For January 2023, Egnyte brings improvements to the Egnyte for Life Sciences app, support for file and folder templates in the Mobile App, and more.

December Product Rollup: Watermarking, AutoCAD, and Migration App
December 30, 2022

In December, we saw updates to watermarking for viewer-only permissions, AutoCAD DWG file preview in the Android App, and enhancements to our Migration App.

November Product Rollup: Updates in Secure & Govern, Mobile and More
November 30, 2022

November saw further enhancements to our user experience with an updated nav in Collaboration, a new Secure & Govern dashboard, AutoCAD previews in mobile and more.

October Product Rollup: Life Sciences, Snapshot Restore and more
October 31, 2022

Egnyte's October Product Rollup features enhancements in the platform, secure and govern, Egnyte for Life Sciences, and the Egnyte Android mobile app.

September Product Rollup: Link Upgrades, Issue Resolution and More
October 4, 2022

Check out Egnyte's September product updates, including improvements to public and private links, security and governance issue resolution, and more.

August Product Rollup: UI Upgrades in Search, Mobile, and More
August 31, 2022

Check out the latest updates to the Egnyte platform, including multiple UI enhancements and upgraded migration capabilities.

July Product Rollup: Web Redesign, Snapshot Recovery, and More
July 29, 2022

Check out updates to the Egnyte UI, as well as improvements to search, snapshot-based ransomware recovery, the Quality App for Life Sciences, and more.

June Product Rollup: eTMF, Desktop and Mobile Upgrades, and More
June 30, 2022

Check out all the latest updates to Egnyte this month, including continued UI upgrades

May Product Rollup: UI Redesign, Compliance Controls, and More
May 31, 2022

Find out about all the latest update Egnyte made to its platform in May, including UI improvements and new capabilities for AEC and life sciences users.

April Product Rollup: New User Homepage, Metadata Features, and More
April 29, 2022

Learn about the latest upgrades to the Egnyte platform, including updates to the Web UI and added metadata capabilities.

March Product Rollup: AEC Tools, and API and Governance Upgrades
March 31, 2022

Check out the latest product updates to the Egnyte platform, including an AEC package, a workflow API, and more granular governance controls.

February Product Rollup: New Reports, Preview Types, and More
February 28, 2022

Read about the latest updates to the Egnyte platform with this monthly roundup of new features and functionality, including new preview types, reports, and permission controls.

December Release Rollup: Training Module, Issue Delegation, and More
December 30, 2021

Learn about the latest updates to the Egnyte platform, including upgrades to Egnyte for Life Sciences, Secure and Governance, and the Desktop App.

November Release Rollup: Dark Mode, Confidence Scores, and More
November 30, 2021

Check out the latest updates to the Egnyte platform, including UI upgrades, new governance functionality, and mobile enhancements.

October Release Rollup: New Anomaly Detection, UX Features
October 29, 2021

Check out this rundown of new governance features, including multivariate anomaly detection, and other upgrades to the Egnyte platform.

Introducing Egnyte’s Monthly Release Rollups
September 30, 2021

Egnyte is kicking off a new monthly series that will roll up all the product updates you need to know to make the most of the platform.

Complete Content Lifecycle Management in a Single Place
August 17, 2021

Egnyte’s content lifecycle management solution gives customers full control and flexibility over content at all stages of its lifecycle.

Egnyte Adds New Configuration Settings Report
June 24, 2021

Egnyte just released a new audit report: the configuration settings report.

Bridging Cloud and On-Premises Content Storage in a Post-Pandemic World
March 23, 2021

How Does Ransomware Work? It Doesn’t Have to If You’re Prepared
September 10, 2020

Ransomware attacks have become the most common security threat faced by businesses today. A recent report from TrustWave indicates that the number of ransomware attacks quadrupled last year...

A Typo Shouldn’t Impact Your Company’s Future
August 27, 2020

With all the email, documents, Slack messages, and other artifacts that come through my purview each day, I think the language gods will forgive me for a few typos...

5 Steps to Digitizing Your Workspace
July 17, 2020

Picture your workspace at the office from ten, five, or even two years ago—what has changed? Your computer likely occupies less space than it did in the past...

Transform IT With File-sharing Services For the Future
July 13, 2020

As more and more businesses were forced to move to the cloud with the COVID-19 crisis, content and data have proliferated across devices, users, apps, and locations as a result of the new, mass work-from-anywhere reality...

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