November Product Rollup: Updates in Secure & Govern, Mobile and More

As we gear up for the winter season, holidays, and the end of the year, we’re thankful to all our customers for their continued investment. We are excited to announce further user experience improvements to the Egnyte platform with updated navigation in the Collaboration environment, a new dashboard for Secure & Govern, various enhancements for file preview in the Web UI, the ability to preview AutoCAD files in the Egnyte mobile app, and more. Read about the exciting updates below.


WebUI Redesign Milestone 7 - Navigation in the Collaboration environment of the Egnyte platform is being updated such that Egnyte platform-level navigation will be in the top global header, while product-level navigation will be moved to the left sidebar. Rollout of this phase of the redesign will occur in phases starting this month through Jan 2023. For more details, check out the helpdesk article.

Microsoft Online Preview for Preview-Only Excel Links - When a Microsoft Excel file is shared via a preview-only link and the recipient clicks on that link, that preview for that Excel file is now rendered via Microsoft Online Preview, which allows the user to scroll horizontally and vertically and zoom into the spreadsheet. This feature only applies to Excel files with the following extensions: .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsb, .ods, and .xls. For more information, check out the helpdesk article.

Login Audit Report Improvement - The login audit report now includes the first name, last name, and email address for the user who unlocked an account. For more information, read this helpdesk article.

Playback Speed for Video Preview - Videos can now be previewed at different playback speeds ranging from 0.75x to 2x. Default playback speed is 1.0x. For more information, read this helpdesk article.

Seeking Forward/Backwards for Video Preview - Users can now seek forward/backward by 10 seconds during video preview playback to quickly navigate through a video. For more information, read this helpdesk article.

Security & Governance

New Secure & Govern Dashboard – The Secure & Govern dashboard has been redesigned. The new dashboard design better aligns user experience with the Collaboration environment of the Egnyte platform, but does not introduce new functionality. For more information, read this helpdesk article.

Desktop App

Command Line Interface for Co-Editing Preferences in Desktop App for Windows 3.14.5 - Users can now use the command line interface to set co-editing settings (always co-edit, never co-edit, or always ask) in addition to updating these settings in the drive configuration section. For more information, read this helpdesk article.

Current State of Egnyte for macOS Ventura - Egnyte Desktop Apps for macOS Ventura (released October 24th, 2022) are currently being certified. There are several known issues with Desktop App and Desktop App Core. We do not recommend upgrading to macOS Ventura until  we have officially announced our compatibility with the new OS version. For more information on the known issues, read this helpdesk article.


Preview AutoCAD Files in iOS App - Customers on Egnyte’s AEC Package can now preview AutoCAD files directly from the Egnyte iOS mobile app. When a file is opened from the file listing view, users can pinch to zoom in/out and use the hand and orbit controls to move and turn the object. Preview rendering in the mobile app is dependent on file complexity and file size, and may be limited or unavailable for files that are too complex or large. For more information, check out the helpdesk article.

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