Modern Computing for Better Outcomes in Life Sciences

The 2023 Egnyte for Life Sciences Virtual Summit brought together 15 experts and leaders within the biotech space. Together, we explored the past, present, and future state of modern computing and the role it plays in driving better outcomes in the life science industry.

Throughout the virtual summit, we delved into various topics facing the industry today. These included best practices for biotech leaders, the complexities involved in selecting tools and IT infrastructure, data management, and more. With over four hours of insightful content tailored to our industry, there were many gems to choose from.

Let's take a deeper look at some of our favorite sessions.

Calculus of IT: Navigating Pathways to Maturity

For emerging biotechs, the ability to make quick decisions determines survival or failure. Being able to navigate the waters in the first 90 days sets the tone and foundation for your maturity over time. In this session, Nate McBride, Sr. VP of IT at Xilio Therapeutics, highlighted the do’s and dont’s in your first 90 days, the importance of selecting the right security tech stack, and the role diplomacy plays in change management within your organization. Nate shared that the path toward maturity and scalability as a biotech is not a one-size-fits-all, but a strategic marathon utilizing the right tools.

The Pharmaverse: A Network of Connectivity and Collaboration

For data scientists and biostatisticians in the pharmaceutical industry, choosing between general-purpose languages like Python and statistical programming languages such as R can be daunting. In order to address the collaboration gap between programming languages, Mike Stackhouse, Chief Innovation Officer of Atorus Research, highlights reference models of customized packages, such as METCO, Admiral, and ENV. Not only are these packages open, but they also support clinical reporting and provide endless possibilities for collaboration and customization.

Unlock the Power of Data for Seamless Integration

Within the biotech space, there are numerous challenges every organization will have to overcome, including deploying new tools, selecting IT infrastructure, or collaborating with CROs and sponsors during clinical trials. Many factors are at play, and every biotech leader must be prepared to make the proper selections. Industry experts Andy Chu, Jacob Oppenheim, Wally Reiher, and Abhay Kini share insights on best practices for biotech leaders, the impact of multi-purpose tools, and how to improve partner collaboration within your organization’s ecosystem.

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