Streamline Review and Approval Workflows in Egnyte for Life Sciences

Life science companies must implement quality processes into their procedures in order to meet regulatory requirements and endpoint validation. But the implementation of quality processes is not an easy task. Managing the process of gathering feedback and gaining approval can be slow and complex.

In today's video, we will show how to handle standard operating procedures, or SOPs, on the Egnyte platform and how to enable Part 11-compliant workflows for the review and approval process. Egnyte’s GxP-compliant workflows streamline the review and approval process, thereby removing bottlenecks for your regulated business processes.

  • Credentialed individuals can initiate a workflow with one click. We email you when a task needs to be completed, and you can use the centralized dashboard to track progress.
  • Whether you have a single or multi-step approval process, Egnyte can accommodate diverse workflows.
  • Egnyte makes it easier to manage regulated data and approval workflows within a single unified platform.

Over 600 life science organizations use Egnyte to collaborate with external partners, manage regulated documents according to GxP standards, and adhere to security and privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. From drug research to clinical trials to eTMF archiving, Egnyte for Life Sciences helps Quality, Clinical Development, and IT teams take control of their most valuable asset, their data.

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