David Buster

David Buster

Senior Manager, Security and Governance; Product Marketing

Five Ways to Improve Microsoft Security and Productivity with Egnyte
January 24, 2024

Learn how Egnyte improves your team’s productivity in a secure environment while working on MS Office 365.

How Egnyte Metadata Supports DLP Integration
January 18, 2024

This article explains how users can leverage AI to attach metadata labels to files and how they can be used inside and outside of Egnyte.

Three Ways to Use Egnyte’s New “Document Q&A” Service
September 4, 2023

Egnyte has recently rolled out new AI features designed to enhance the user experience and accelerate productivity by providing smart and intuitive ways to interact with documents. These capabilities allow users to extract value from documents in new and innovative ways, and this blog focuses on one of the most powerful features - AI enabled document query.

Discovering and Managing Sensitive Information in Microsoft Repositories
May 19, 2023

If you use Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, or Exchange Online to store and share your business content, you may be wondering how to protect it from unauthorized access, data breaches, or compliance violations. That's where Egnyte comes in. In this blog post, we will show you how Egnyte can scan for sensitive information in Microsoft repositories and provide alerts when it is exposed. 

Move off On-Prem File Servers to Unlock New Capability and Cost Savings
May 3, 2023

While there continues to be (limited) debate about on-premises file servers and cloud file storage, the fight is over, and the cloud has won. If you are still in doubt, take a few minutes to review the limitations and costs of on-premises file servers as well as the benefits of cloud file servers. 

Move off On-Prem File Servers to Unlock New Capability and Cost Savings
May 3, 2023

While there continues to be (limited) debate about on-premises file servers and cloud file storage, the fight is over, and the cloud has won. If you are still in doubt, take a few minutes to review the limitations and costs of on-premises file servers as well as the benefits of cloud file servers. ‍

Why VPN Is Dead
May 3, 2023

To support the exploding numbers of remote workers, enterprises fell back on the tried-and-true VPN. The results made it clear that the VPN was not up to the task of protecting enterprises’ vastly increased and dynamic attack surface.

Why FTP Is Dead
May 3, 2023

FTP, like fax, is dead. However, many still have not received the message. Just as fax machines do, FTP servers remain online at more companies than would care to admit it. There are still an estimated 21 million FTP servers in use. Despite these numbers, FTP is, without a doubt, dead tech walking. ‍

Why NAS Is Old School
May 3, 2023

Best Practices for File Sharing in Hybrid Work Environments
May 3, 2023

The move to hybrid work environments came suddenly for some organizations, while for others, it had been building incrementally. Regardless of how it happened, few came to it with a strategic plan for how IT would handle it.‍The result has been myriad challenges that span the physical and digital. On the digital front, one of the biggest challenges is related to secure file sharing. As organizations look to address file sharing in hybrid work environments, taking the time to understand the risks and then looking to best practices helps ensure success with optimized productivity and security.

Selling technology internally to your CFO
April 18, 2023

Finance leaders are now more involved in the technology decision-making process than ever before. They're looking to make sure that investment made in technology solutions aligns with business objectives, is cost-effective, and delivers measurable ROI. In this blog, we'll explore the types of solutions that are gaining traction in an uncertain economy, the type of data you should expect to deliver to your CFO, and tips for gaining buy-in from your finance team.

Modern, Secure Data Access with Egnyte and Salesforce
March 7, 2023

Managing and gaining access to CRM data, at the critical moment in time when its needed, is not always easy - especially with large volumes of both unstructured and structured data comprising the full history of a particular account or prospect. This blog explores some of the challenges associated with managing and accessing large data volumes, implications for revenue organizations, and how Egnyte’s integration with Salesforce is helping companies achieve more cost-effective, modern and secure access to critical account documents.

Why Creative Agencies Struggle with SharePoint and OneDrive (and What They Can Do About It)
January 17, 2023

Learn about the three most cited complaints we’ve heard from agencies who have tried to force-fit SharePoint Online as their core file server before coming to Egnyte looking for a better solution.

How Subcontractors Can Identify CUI Data in Google Workspace
December 8, 2022

Follow these easy steps to track down and secure controlled unclassified information (CUI) in Google Workspace apps with Egnyte.

Is Azure Files a File Server Replacement?
November 22, 2022

Examine the pros and cons of potential options for replacing your on-premises file infrastructure, starting with Azure Files.

Secure Enclaves: What They Are and What to Look for in a Solution
October 13, 2022

Due to cyber threats, companies are looking for better ways to protect themselves. Understand why secure enclaves may be the solution for businesses today.

Top CMMC Compliance Challenges Experienced Professionals Encounter
September 8, 2022

To help companies prepare for the deadline to comply with CMMC, Egnyte has assembled the following list of the most common problems organizations encounter.

Modernize and Migrate to Egnyte to Replace Your Windows File Server
August 29, 2022

Learn how easy it is to migrate your Windows file server to Egnyte, and discover the benefits of moving to the Egnyte cloud.

Teach Egnyte’s AI to Recognize Your Documents for Better Security
August 26, 2022

See how easy it is to teach Egnyte AI’s to recognize your document types so you can better manage sensitive information and prevent unauthorized sharing.

How to Prevent Out-of-Bounds Document Sharing with Egnyte
June 27, 2022

Learn how Egnyte can help you empower users to collaborate while ensuring your company’s sensitive data is still secure.

Protect CUI, FCI for Your Company’s CMMC Compliance
May 27, 2022

To comply with CMMC, you’ll likely need to find CUI and FCI. Find out how to get started now, and how Egnyte can simplify the process.

Classify Data by Sensitivity Levels for Better Governance
April 6, 2022

Not all data is alike. Understand the different levels of data sensitivity so you can better protect your content and your business.

6 Steps to Defend Against Advanced Persistent Threats
March 16, 2022

APTs can linger in IT systems for years and target those working with federal governments. Take these six steps to better protect your company.

10 Reasons Why Links are Better than Attachments
March 4, 2022

Business users are accustomed to using attachments when sending emails, but it’s not the most secure approach. Find out why links are safer and easier.

Secure Ultra-sensitive Documents with Enhanced Sharing Controls
February 11, 2022

Egnyte adds watermarking, preview-only folder links, and encrypted file delivery for when you need a higher level of data governance and confidentiality.

Recover from a Ransomware Attack with Egnyte’s Self-Service Feature
December 21, 2021

Ransomware recovery can be a slow and costly process, but not with Egnyte. Get back to business faster and restore important files without an army of engineers.

Use Egnyte To Reduce Content Sprawl in Microsoft Teams
December 16, 2021

Teams is a popular choice for collaboration, but it presents real content management challenges. See how you can use Egnyte to easily alleviate those issues.

Easily Find and Secure Sensitive Data in Gmail with Egnyte
December 15, 2021

Finding sensitive data in Gmail can be a challenge. Learn how to quickly set up Egnyte to classify emails and protect your most valuable content.

Locate and Protect GDPR-Related Sensitive Data in SharePoint
December 9, 2021

Organizations use SharePoint with other Microsoft tools for workflows and processes. Find out how Egnyte can help govern those files for GDPR compliance.

Discover PII Data in Microsoft Exchange Online With Egnyte
November 17, 2021

Lear how to find PII quickly and easily in Microsoft Online Exchange, whether it's in the body of your users' emails or the attachments.

5 Key Cyber Regulatory Predictions for 2022
November 11, 2021

Learn about new types of data privacy regulations that could impact your business. See what Egnyte predicts for 2022, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

10 Predictions About Cybersecurity Threats in 2022
November 11, 2021

Learn about the new types of cybersecurity attacks that could threaten your business in 2022 so you can stay ahead of the latest threats.

A Better Approach to Data Privacy with Truyo and Egnyte
October 26, 2021

Learn about the benefits of using Truyo and Egnyte to quickly search structured and unstructured data to meet compliance regulations and save money.

Integrate Egnyte and Sumo Logic for Greater Data Insights
October 20, 2021

Egnyte integrates with Sumo Logic to provide insights from all Egnyte and other data sources, which helps discover and track operational and security incidents.

How To Securely Share Documents Outside Your Company
October 11, 2021

Learn how the Egnyte platform provides the right level of security for your company's external file sharing needs.

Collaborate Seamlessly with Egnyte and Google Workspace
September 13, 2021

Egnyte integrates with Google Workspaces to combine ease of use with robust classification, governance and policy management.

Protect Your Business from Ransomware as a Service
September 8, 2021

Learn what you need to know to defend against ransomware as a service (RaaS), which it makes it easier for cybercriminals to get up and running.

How to Use Egnyte to Protect Against Insider Threats
August 24, 2021

See why insider threats pose a risk to your business, and follow a demonstration to see how Egnyte helps keep your content secure.

Egnyte Can Now Scan and Classify Microsoft Exchange Online Emails
August 16, 2021

Egnyte now offers email scanning and classification for Microsoft Exchange Online emails and their attachments – a critical feature for content governance.

Integrate Splunk and Egnyte for Faster Incident Response
July 28, 2021

Learn how Egnyte and Splunk work together to help security analysts track incident detection and response.

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