Go Paperless with Egnyte + Octiv

Today’s enterprise organizations and small businesses recognize the loss in productivity when their sales teams spend excess time manually putting together quotes, proposals, contracts and tracking down missing documents. Thankfully, businesses can conduct their operations digitally, eliminating the need to manually create, manage, and file away paperwork, dramatically reducing overhead and making work life easier than ever before.The integration between Egnyte Connect and Octiv can help businesses make this transition to a completely digital operation. Egnyte and Octiv work together to enable users to digitally transform and send their documents for real-time collaboration and signature on one of the most comprehensive platforms for accessing, collaborating, and storing files online.With Octiv, you can create smarter documents with dynamic variable fields, electronic signatures, automated workflows and more. Users can now connect their accounts to save Octiv documents in Egnyte, resulting in secure document storage and accessibility. Gain total control over how your documents are organized within Egnyte by setting Octiv workflows to automatically save copies of completed documents in specific folders.

How Octiv Works with Egnyte

  • Automatically create documents in Octiv with files stored in Egnyte
  • Collaborate and sign documents in Octiv
  • Save completed documents as a PDF in Egnyte
  • View PDF in Egnyte account

The integration saves time, reduces costs and improves your team’s administrative burden. Learn more about this integration to see how you can:

  • Create documents digitally while keeping them online
  • Automate your business document processes, workflows and recordkeeping
  • Sync data between systems
  • Share completed documents securely
  • Maintain secure and accessible file access

Find out more about the integration on the Egnyte App Marketplace or on the Octiv integrations page.About the Author: Amanda Lester is the Product Marketing Manager at Octiv.

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