February Product Rollup: New Reports, Preview Types, and More

Egnyte is excited to share a number of improvements that were made to the platform this month, including added secure sharing capabilities, an expansion of supported preview file types, and more governance features for administrators.


Enhanced sharing controls. Enterprise customers now have access to a suite of features that provide an additional layer of protection for highly sensitive content or for large, complex business deals. Easily watermark files to prevent unauthorized sharing, prohibit downloads with preview-only folder links, and utilize encrypted file delivery to ensure content is securely shared only to authorized users’ endpoint devices.

Preview-Only File Links for Video Files. Customers with Advanced Video Playbook and Preview-Only Links capabilities can now create preview-only links for video files. Link recipients will be able to preview the video file in their web browser, but they won’t be able to download the file to their device.

Ransomware Snapshot Recovery Audit Reports. Enterprise plan users can now run audit reports on the ransomware snapshot recovery actions enacted in their domain. The reports can be used to audit critical information such as who initiated the restoration job, what snapshot was used, and the reason for restoration.


Analysis Rules: content source and User Directory scanning schedules. Administrators can now view the expected scan/processing times for Analysis Rules. For more information about Analysis Rules, view this helpdesk article.

Unusual Access: File Export Report Improvement (Egnyte Only). The Egnyte application source (e.g., Desktop App, Web UI, etc.) is now included in the Unusual Access file export report. This improves visibility into the application used to generate the Unusual Access detection for Egnyte content sources. Note: The application source will only be available for new Unusual Access detections. The application source will not be available for existing open issues.

Default Role Entitlements: allow admins to modify entitlements for Basic Users and Data Owners. Secure & Govern administrators can now modify the default entitlements for the "Basic User" and "Data Owner" roles. This provides more flexibility and helps ensure the principle of least privilege is implemented across any organization. Note: This change only applies to the built-in “Basic User” and “Data Owner” roles. The built-in “Admin” role still cannot be modified.

Compliance Improvements: Subject Access Requests add new identifiers for search. When creating Subject Access Requests (SARs), Enterprise plan users can now use the subject's postal address and phone number to narrow down the result set.

Compliance Improvements: Additional countries added for regulatory support. Local data privacy regulation monitoring has been added for China, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Enterprise plan users can use these monitoring policies to help identify and manage sensitive content that’s subject to these local privacy regulations.


Outlook Add-in in public beta. Easily share Egnyte files in your Outlook emails or save email and attachments from incoming Outlook emails directly into an Egnyte folder, all without leaving your inbox.

Advanced Procore integration - Higher API call limits, more projects and more files, and near-real-time sync are now available only for customers on the AEC Package.  


Google Doc contents added to search. Search capabilities now include Google Doc contents.

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