At Egnyte, we’ve built our file services platform to connect with any storage and application that businesses use to manage, collaborate and store their files. We believe it’s essential to continue building new integrations to make collaboration seamless for our customers. To demonstrate this commitment, today we’re launching new integrations with Microsoft Office 365.

These integrations enable business users to seamlessly access, manage, and share all of their files, providing:

  • Web Access — users can open Egnyte files directly from Microsoft Office Online for viewing and editing. Changes are automatically saved back to Egnyte.
  • Desktop Access — deep, native integrations within all of the Office tools will provide users with a variety of choices to easily open, edit, and share any of their Egnyte files.
  • Mobile Access — users who are on-the-go can remotely access and edit Egnyte files from any of the native Office Mobile Apps.

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By partnering with key enterprise players and integrating their applications with the Egnyte solution, we’re preserving workflows that are mission-critical for enterprise organizations.

In addition to the Microsoft integration, as part of my  strategic charter in my new role as Chief Strategy Officer, we’re unveiling an expanded Technology Partner Program. We’re scaling our ecosystem of infrastructure and application partners, both on-premises and in the cloud. The Technology Partner Program will offer:

  • The highest level of productivity and security for customers — with deeper integrations that further strengthen the Egnyte partner portfolio.
  • Seamless integrations into existing workflows — which means business users benefit from the applications and services they’re most familiar with and IT benefits from the ease of deployment and added security.
  • Enhanced professional services and support — provides partners with collaborative development, and customers with easy deployment, along with the help needed to increase business user productivity and mitigate any downtime.
  • Extended value for customers through a growing network in key verticals — such as Finance, Advertising and Construction, addressing important workflow requirements, including collaboration, project management and remote access.

For more information, check out our new Technology Partner Program and featured partners here.


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Microsoft Office, integration, collaboration

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