Can you believe we’re already halfway through April? Well, Spring is in full bloom at Egnyte, and we’re not taking a “break” since we’re busy delivering some cool new features for IT and business users.

Full Admin Control on Shared Corporate Folders

Are you worried about intellectual property being accidentally moved or deleted? We recently introduced “Fixed” folders that enable admins to “lock” certain folders via the folder options dialog to prevent users from moving, deleting or even renaming specific folders. Sit back and rest assured that your data isn’t going anywhere.

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Set Up Recurring Audit Reports

Don’t waste the beautiful weather of Spring by sitting inside and recreating the same report. You can now set it up once and forget about it! Our automated audit report scheduler is now available just for that purpose.

Scheduled reports allow IT admins to set various attributes for the scheduler, including frequency (daily, weekly or monthly), as well as time periods (last day, last 7 days, last 30 days or previous calendar month). This gives tremendous flexibility to IT admins to determine the audit report generation that best suites their corporate policies.

Also, track your audit reports within the Saved & Scheduled Queries section, which will display details of all the recently generated reports, as well as upcoming scheduled reports.

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Video Files, Don’t Feel Left Out

Additional file formats for video files (WebM, MP4, MOV, WMV, and OGV) and picture files (PSD, PCT) are now fully supported by the image previewer for better performance and improved user experience. All of the above file formats will also show up as thumbnails in the file listing view. Now you can post videos and photos for easy viewing of your company’s Spring fling in the format of your choice!

Are you a Google Apps User? We’re Adding Sunshine to the Cloud!

Egnyte for Google Apps is now generally available in the Google Apps Marketplace. We’re bringing together the best of Google Drive and Egnyte by providing an open architecture to seamlessly move files between the Google Drive cloud and on-premises infrastructure, keeping the same controls and folder structure to ensure there is no disruption. With April “showers,” you don’t have to be stuck without umbrella; we’ve got you covered with this new integration.

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Be sure to check the Egnyte Helpdesk regularly for more details on product updates. Have any other product questions? The Helpdesk and our company blog can help get the answers you need.


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