Working Anywhere With Egnyte: Mobile Guide

In recent weeks, companies and organizations that ordinarily operate in a more “traditional” office environment have had to pivot quickly to flexible and alternative working arrangements. At Egnyte, our goal has always been to help provide safe, secure access to your content no matter where you are, and that goal has become increasingly more important in the current climate.

For some companies, making the switch to a remote working environment has been relatively simple, with employees already armed with laptops and the appropriate measures to work with the content and data they need. But for others, locations and resources might not be so amenable to remote work, and that’s where tools built specifically for mobile devices can fill the gap.

Your employees and teams can stay connected to their files and each other through the Egnyte Mobile App, which provides access to all the content they need to be productive, all on their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Installing the Mobile App // Quick Tip from Egnyte on Vimeo.

Users get an experience that mirrors how they work when they’re in an office. These help them stay on-task with the features you’re used to, from accessing files to sharing, uploading, commenting, sending links and more. Additionally, files can be marked and cached to your device for offline use for easier access when connectivity is not dependable.

Recognizing and addressing the hurdles remote workers often face, such as VPN and connectivity issues, or insufficient collaboration opportunities, is critical to keeping up momentum and morale in a diversified workforce. Above all, it’s important for organizations to find the right solutions for the unique challenges of their own workforce and provide the right support, tools, and enablement to stay productive, safe and healthy. For more about the challenges and best practices of keeping a workforce working remotely, check out our eBook here.

Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay

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